Collection: Level 5/P-6 High-Security Paper Shredders

Data misuse can pose significant consequences for the finances and reputation of your business. By safely shredding sensitive data into small fragments, government-grade shredders can help you avoid this risk.

Whitaker Brothers' high-security shredders can provide your company with the security and assurance it demands, owing to specially developed cutting components that have passed NSA testing.

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Invest in Your Business’s Security Today with High-Security Paper Shredders

Whitaker Brothers is a global leader in the sale and service of government-grade security shredders, as well as the destruction of private and secret data Our Level 5/P-6 high-security shredders are engineered to endure continuous operation and have high-capacity bins and broad paper openings.

This makes them ideal for office shredding applications requiring the safe destruction of sensitive data such as financial, medical, and commercial documents Invest in a high-quality paper shredder today to provide your business with the security it requires.

Our high-quality paper shredders come in a range of variants, each with several useful features and functions We have shredders from top brands such as HSM, Intimus and Fellowes We have a shredder to match every need, whether professional, commercial, industrial or home Invest in a cutting-edge paper shredder right away to ensure your company's smooth and effective functioning.

Government-Grade Shredders for Businesses, Hospitals, Accountants & Law Firms

Whitaker Brothers is a well-known producer and manufacturer of high-security paper shredders across the world Our tough shredders exceed high regulatory standards and are ideal for any business that deals with sensitive data.

Don't know which Level 5/P-6 shredder is best for you? Whitaker Brothers have over 75 years of business experience and are ready to provide you with dependable, honest, and educated advice Contact our experienced and qualified staff immediately for thorough assistance.

Whitaker Brothers have received factory certifications from over 30 different manufacturers As a result, we are uniquely competent to replace and repair shredder parts Please visit our Service Center for more information or to make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable professionals.

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Why should businesses handling sensitive data invest in high-security paper shredders?

To safeguard the company's information, reputation, and assets Data loss can harm a business’s reputation Customers will be less likely to provide data to you, implying that they will go elsewhere for a business that can safeguard them while simultaneously fulfilling their obligations Document shredding allows you to dispose of everything from corporate finances to critical company information that might be used against you in a secure manner.

What are the different levels of security when it comes to paper shredders?

Paper shredders are classified as P-1 through P-7 in terms of security P-1 is the least secure, and P-7 is the safest P-1 and P-2 shredders are ideal for general shredding, whilst P-3 and P-4 shredders are ideal for slightly sensitive papers.

P-5 shredders are used to destroy important corporate papers such as financial, strategic, and/or personal information, whilst P-6 and P-7 shredders provide the highest level of protection and are suited for very sensitive government documents.

Why do I need to oil my shredder?

Shredders accumulate dust and dirt over time, causing paper sheets to adhere to the cutters Shredder oil keeps this from happening and encourages peak performance This is performed by softening the compressed dust and avoiding the formation of sticky residue This allows the paper to readily slide through the cutter's head.

How to unjam a paper shredder without damaging it?

Before attempting to unjam the shredder, be sure it is switched off and disconnected Then remove the shredder's lid and throw away any waste Remove any paper from the shredder's head and blades If required, gently remove obstinate paper bits using a screwdriver.

Check the shredder's operation by feeding it only one piece of paper before using it again If the shredder remains clogged, lightly lubricate it with oil and repeat the previous recommendations.