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Businesses handling large quantities of mail can improve the efficiency of operations with letter openers. With an extensive range from small desktop models to large industrial models, these letter-opening machines are easy to use and speed up processes, improving productivity.

With some automatic letter openers capable of processing over 300 letters per minute, your mailroom speed and capacity will dramatically increase.

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Explore the range of letter openers from Whitaker Brothers including Formax, Martin Yale, and Omation.

Manual and automatic letter-opening machines

The variety of letter openers available to buy means that you’ll find an extensive range to choose from, ensuring you get the perfect efficiency tool for your business Capable of opening letters of any size, these letter openers easily fit onto your mailroom desktop to make opening large numbers of mail quick and easy With fully enclosed blades to prevent injury, the blade will slice through envelopes and make processing mail faster than ever before.

At Whitaker Brothers, we stock different types of letter-opening machines to suit your workplace Desktop letter openers fit comfortably in your mailroom and are easy to operate When you slide a piece of mail through the slot, the blade will cut the top off of the envelope, making it easy to get to the mail inside and ensure it is directed to the right person in the office

Automatic letter openers work by pulling the mail through the slot and depositing it on the other side, with some including catch trays to make collecting the processed mail easier.

One of the most recognized brands for making high-quality letter opening machines is Martin Yale With a range of desktop letter openers and automatic letter opening machines starting from just over $100, you’ll find the perfect tool for your business We also stock Formax and Omation letter openers.


Letter opening machines for mail-centric organizations

Established in 1945, Whitaker Brothers has equipment in 115 countries to date and on every continent With more than 75 years of experience, we have been working with commercial businesses and government and military organizations to deliver high-security destruction equipment and office machinery to improve the efficiency of your operations.

As industry leaders, we pride ourselves on the services we provide We offer a range of services in our service center, from replacement parts to maintenance contracts to keep your machinery working smoothly All Whitaker Brothers’ equipment comes with factory certification, so you can rest assured that your new equipment will last for as long as you need it.

For the more eco-conscious businesses, Whitaker Brothers is working toward going green We offer a range of environmentally-friendly solutions, and when you contact Whitaker Brothers, you will speak with one of our experts who can help you find the vital equipment your business needs Call today, at (800) 243-9226, for expert advice or to discuss the right maintenance and servicing contract for your organization.



What is an automatic letter opener?

An automatic letter opener is responsible for handling, opening, and organizing mail for distribution across your organization The letter opening machine will precisely cut each envelope to prevent the documentation within from being damaged Using a precision blade, each letter will be sliced open so that the internal mail can be distributed.

What is the importance of mail-opening machines?

Mail opening machines are perfect for businesses with mail-centric operations, or for those organizations processing a high volume of mail It allows mail to be placed into the feeder and then distributed on the other side opened and ready for sorting.


How much is an automatic letter-opening machine?

Automatic letter openers can vary in price depending on the features they have As automatic letter openers work with minimal interference from staff, they tend to retail at under $400 for high-quality ones If you’d rather opt for a manual desktop letter opener, they start from over $100.


What is the difference between automatic and manual letter openers?

Manual letter openers are designed for the user to slide each piece of mail through the slot containing the cutting blade This will then open the letter An automatic letter opener will process the mail through the slot itself before depositing it on the other side, ready for sorting.


Do letter openers get dull?

The blades in letter openers can become dull over time, especially if they are not cared for in the correct way Ensuring the letter opener is correctly looked after and lubricated will extend the life of your desktop letter opener.