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Lassco Paper Drills and Paper Joggers

Lassco Wizer is dedicated to providing quality, high-performance machines for creating a range of graphic arts such as signs, awards, screen printing, and engraving. They are located in Rochester, New York and distribute Spinnit Paper Drills, Cornerounder Corner Cutters, and LasscoJog Paper Joggers, all over the country. Their drills come in a variety of sizes, from bench models to 2.5’’ 3 spindle and drill bits from 1/8’’ to 1/2’’, depending on your needs.

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Lassco-brand tabletop joggers work perfectly with high speed printing presses, cutters, and speed copiers While Lassco Wizer specializes in paper drills and joggers, they also sell padding equipment, numbering machines, press equipment, staplers and staples, and perforating and scoring machines as well.