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Laminating machines are a simple way to protect and preserve important documents, such as photographs and paperwork, to ensure they endure longer. Insert your document into a laminating pocket and run it through the machine for a protected, sealed finish. Lamination is beneficial for businesses, schools, print shops and home offices, as it enhances the appearance of printed documents by intensifying their colors.

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Protect and Preserve Important Documents and Images with Premium-Quality Laminators

Laminators, whether for personal or corporate use, offer a quick and easy solution for safeguarding and extending the life of documents Many businesses choose to laminate documents to preserve them from damage and provide clients with professional-grade documents. 

We have both professional and commercial laminating systems available Our professional laminators have a larger working width and quicker roller speed for increased production rates This makes them perfect for print shops and any other business that requires high-quality laminated stock.

Our laminators are small and compact and are designed to fit nicely at home or in the office Some of our machines include optional carriages, which are essential if you need to laminate anything at a conference, business meeting, or craft exhibition.

Because the variety of laminating machines available can be overwhelming, consider whether you will be using a variety of pouch thicknesses, how intensively you will use your machine, and whether you will be sealing heat-sensitive materials, such as photos, which may require an adjustable heat setting. 

All of our laminating machines come with comprehensive installation and product training manuals Simply tell us your requirements, and we will recommend the best laminator for you and your business Browse our selection of laminators to discover a device that will help increase the efficiency of your business.

Commercial & Industrial Laminating Machines Excellent for Business Operations

Whitaker Brothers, a global leader in data destruction and office equipment, was founded in 1945 Our team works diligently to provide your organization with the necessary vehicle solutions You can boost productivity throughout your company by speeding up operations, and with a large range of solutions to choose from, we can help you discover the right option for you.

With brands like Akiles, Martin Yale, and Fellowes to choose from, you have a wide range of high-quality equipment that will last a long time Our prices start at just $249.00, making these laminating devices perfect for businesses of all sizes.

Your relationship with Whitaker Brothers does not end once your purchase is complete Our expert team is here to assist you throughout your journey Discuss your requirements with the team to determine the best solution for your company's needs You can schedule spare and replacement parts, repair professional visits, or even a service contract in our Service Center Get in touch today by calling (800) 243-9226.


What does a laminator do?

A heated roll laminator melts glue injected onto lamination film using heated rollers Using pressure rollers, this film is then placed on a substrate such as paper or card This is done to protect and enhance printed papers and photographs.

What is the difference between hot and cold laminators?

A cold laminator uses pressure and adhesive to attach papers between sheets of plastic Some customers prefer these machines to hot laminators as they produce higher-quality papers without requiring the use of heating components In contrast, hot laminators employ heat to activate or melt an adhesive substance This method of lamination is often speedier and offers more long-lasting protection.

What does ABS stand for on a laminator?

This means that the laminator includes an Anti-Blocking System If you haven't entered the pouch straight, or it's becoming stuck in the machine, slide the switch to the ABS position After that, remove the laminating pouch and its contents from the machine and replace the document in a fresh bag in the feed slot.

How can I prevent my laminated documents from curling?

If your laminated document curls up or down after passing through the machine, see your user handbook for "film tension" recommendations To fix this, you will need to adjust either the top or bottom tension If your tension is perfect but you're getting waves near the center of the web film as it exits the rear, you've probably got "heat waves," and you will need to lower the temperature or slow down your pace a little.