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Check out our hard drive destroyers, punchers, and destruction equipment. Our products ensure your hard drives (and all of their sensitive information) are effectively destroyed. Secure your information with our destroyers below. 

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Excellent Quality Destroyers for Hard Drives

Our high-speed and high-performing HDD destroyers are fast, light, and NSA-listed, making them an effective choice for destroying hard drives. They are designed to scale with all evolving technological challenges, and have enhanced crushing power that can easily decimate hard drives quickly and efficiently. Worried about recycling? We also offer recycling equipment that offers both resourcefulness and versatility, covering a wide range of applications that can also help your company stay green.

These machines are also designed for office environments and data centers, and have energy-efficient properties that allow the products to destroy multiple drives at once. 

You can browse through our various NSA-listed destroyers by materials too, ranging from cell phones to all disk drives. We want to assure that you get the best quality selection when it comes to data destruction equipment, so feel free to browse through our wide and premium-quality list today. 

Benefits of Shopping at Whitaker Brothers

At Whitaker Brothers, we’re more than just the products we sell. As industry leaders for high-performance destruction equipment, our commercial-grade devices are just one of the many valuable services we offer. 

Our business has been in the data-destruction market for over 75 years, providing unique destruction equipment for various industries. We also offer machine-servicing options for our customized devices, making sure that your requested product can work continuously after your initial purchase. 

We also understand that paper shredding can be considered non-environmental, but our initiative to go green means that we are doing our part in  becoming more environmentally friendly. 

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