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FP Mailing Solutions is one of the fastest growing postage-meter companies in the U.S. Offering a range of high-quality full-line mailing products, you’ll find everything from paper folders and postage meters to labelers and tabbers. Prices start under $50 for accessories and spares, and under $1,000 for machinery. 

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    Max Paper Wt: 230 gsm
    Max Paper Size: 11" x 17"
    Adjustment: Automatic
    Feed Type: Air
    Multi Sheet: No
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    (in the contiguous U.S.)

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    Max Paper Wt: 105.35 gsm
    Max Paper Size: 8.5" x 14"
    Adjustment: Manual
    Feed Type: Friction
    Multi Sheet: No
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FP postage machines and office equipment

FP postage meters are some of the most recognizable postage meters in the world. Designed to be easy to use, they are the fully automatic solution you have been waiting for. Most of the machines come with PC software included, making it easy to integrate the equipment into your current processes. With noise-free operation, it is perfect for quiet offices and busy environments alike. Many of the FP postage meters in stock qualify for Free Ground Shipping in the contiguous U.S., saving you money on postage.

Print shops and other paper-reliant businesses will find the FP folders ideal for making time-intensive tasks shorter. With prices starting under $1,000, you’ll find a range of equipment to suit your budget. Friction-feed paper folders are some of the most popular products, but they can struggle to process glossy or smooth paper types. If you need a folder capable of handling any type of paper, an air-feed paper folder is best for you.

Printers, such as address printers and labelers, can help to streamline operations. Capable of processing a high volume of labels, you can print recipient addresses, postal barcodes, return addresses, and permit indicia quickly. Many of the high-end FP printers can process up to 36,000 pieces in an hour, speeding up production time significantly.

FP mailing solutions and supplies available now

Whitaker Brothers is an industry leader for high-security data destruction and office equipment with commercial-grade devices for government-level destruction. No matter the problem your organization is facing, we have the products to help you. For all of your postage needs, we stock a variety of FP postage meters and other mailing equipment to make processing mail easier and faster than ever.

Looking for continued support after your purchase? At Whitaker Brothers, we can help. With over 75 years of experience, factory certifications from more than 30 manufacturers, and one of the most tenured and well-trained staff in the U.S., we will help you well beyond your purchase.

Our Service Center makes it easy to find spare parts, arrange a technician to visit and repair your equipment, and create a service contract. Got questions about our additional services? Call our team at (800) 243-9226 or visit the contact us page to get in touch with us.


How do you update the rates on an FP postage meter?

Keeping the rates on your FP postage meter up-to-date is important, so regularly downloading the rates to your meter can help with this. The procedure for downloading the rates will vary depending on the machine you have, so look at FP’s Rate Change Guides for further information.

What is the difference between air feed and friction feed folders?

Friction-feed paper folders use rubber rollers to pull the paper into the machine for folding. This works well for many types of paper, but if a paper is glossy, the rollers may struggle to get traction. This can result in incorrect folds and damaged paper. For glossy or smooth paper, an air feed folder will work best.

Are manual or automatic paper folders better for businesses?

Manual paper folders are best for businesses without a heavy amount of paper folding needs. This is because they are often on the lower end of the budget, making them a good investment to speed up menial tasks. However, businesses with the most intensive paper-folding needs may want to invest in an automatic paper folder.. 

Do I need an address printer?

If your business mails a large number of letters, an address printer will help to speed up the mailing process. These printers are designed for printing self-adhesive labels with addresses on them, making it easy to prepare envelopes for mailing.