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Established in 1917, Fellowes has long been recognized as industry leaders, producing some of the highest quality shredders to protect your data. An international company, Fellowes prides itself on having the “world’s toughest shredders,” using this technology for personal, commercial, and governmental data destruction solutions. With equipment starting just over $100, you’ll find everything you need to improve operations.

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Choosing the high-security Fellowes shredder for you

Fellowes shredders are ideal for a variety of data destruction. With strip-cut shredders, cross-cut shredders, and high-security shredders to choose from, you’ll find the level of data destruction you need to protect sensitive information. Strip-cut produces Level 2/P-2 shred residue, and is often used for shredding very basic information. For more secure shredding, you’ll want to choose a Level 3/P-4 cross-cut shredder. This level of shredding is ideal for destroying general information such as names, dates of birth, addresses, and bank statements.

Organizations with a higher security need will want to go for the best data destruction equipment on the market. High-security shredders, also known as Level 6/P-7 shredders, are used by the NSA, CIA, and Department of Defense to destroy classified and top-secret information. Higher security shredders are ideal for organizations looking to exceed the lawful minimum requirements expected of them and protect their client’s sensitive information.

Getting the correct supplies and parts for Fellowes equipment is essential. Using the wrong type of shredder oil or waste bags can end up jamming or even damaging your machine. This can lead to significant problems, so choosing compatible supplies is important. Our shredder oil is perfect for use with Fellowes shredders, as this premium, high-quality shredder oil can be used to refill any shredder’s automatic oiler.

NSA-listed Fellowes high-security equipment

Here at Whitaker Brothers, we take data security seriously. With over 75 years of industry expertise, we have delivered data destruction solutions to 115 countries around the world. From personal shredders to commercial and government-level destruction, we’ve worked with different organizations to get them the equipment they need. Our dedicated team has extensive experience helping businesses in getting the solutions they need to them. 

The highest standard for data destruction has been specified by the NSA Evaluated Products List (EPL). If you need the best security on the market, then you’ll want to choose NSA-listed data destruction equipment. Fellowes shredders has undergone extensive evaluation by the NSA and is guaranteed to meet or exceed federal security requirements.

Your journey with Whitaker Brothers doesn’t end when you’ve made a purchase. You can arrange for a service contract to ensure that your equipment is maintained to the highest possible standards. Making sure that your high-security shredder won’t let you down is vital, and a service contract will provide you with the servicing and maintenance required to keep equipment operational. Discuss your needs with the team by calling us at (800) 243-9226.


Where are Fellowes shredders made?

Fellowes is an international company, but they are based in the U.S. With five plants located across the U.S., in states like California, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, and Texas, you know that you are in safe hands with a Fellowes shredder.

How do you oil a Fellowes shredder?

Oiling your shredder is a straightforward process. Some shredders come with an automatic oiler. However, if your shredder has no oiler, you will want to put a little bit of shredder oil on a sheet of paper, and send it partially through the machine. Then, put the shredder in reverse to ensure the lubricant is well distributed on the internal shred blades. This can prevent your cutter from locking up.

What type of oil do you use with a Fellowes shredder?

Shredder oil has been specifically designed for use with shredders, preventing paper from clogging the machine over time. Many shredder oils are vegetable-based, and experts recommend using compatible oil to avoid damaging your machine.

Which Fellowes shredder security level do you need?

  • Level 2/P-2: Basic information.
  • Level 3/P-4: General information including name, date of birth, address, and bank statements.
  • Level 4/P-5: Sensitive information such as medical information, SSN, and business financials.
  • Level 5/P-6: For greater reassurance when destroying sensitive information listed above.
  • Level 6/P-7: Highly sensitive national security documents and top-secret information.
  • Please note, the above are suggestions only. If you have questions about shredder security levels, please give us a call at (800) 243-9226.