Collection: Paper Cutters

Paper cutters are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and typesHere at Whitaker Brothers, we stock a variety of office equipment to make your processes more efficient and save you and your staff valuable time.

Whether you need paper trimmers to clean up the edges of important documents, business card cutters to help you create the business cards of your dreams or heavy-duty cutters for the more challenging materials, we can help.

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You’ll find a variety of products below with prices starting at under $100, so get the essentials you need for your organization today.

Electric business card cutter machines

Paper trimmers have a home in almost every office They are recognized as one of the most versatile pieces of office equipment, as they are extremely easy to use and provide a reliable finish The consistent results make them useful in any environment from small offices to large government departments Rotary trimmers are seen as a safer alternative with a guard in place to prevent injury during use, making them the more popular choice in environments such as schools and churches.

Cutting cards can be more challenging, as they are a tougher type of material At Whitaker Brothers, we stock a variety of machines to help you Our range of business card cutters is vital for print shops and copy shops, but they also prove useful in corporate offices With prices starting at just over $400, you can create all of your business cards in-house and save valuable time and money Looking for a finished edge? Corner rounding machines can achieve that in a matter of moments, leaving all of your business cards looking good.

Some businesses have bigger needs than others, processing a lot of paper at once This is where our stock of heavy-duty paper cutters comes in These industrial-grade cutters take safety seriously and allow you to process and trim huge stacks of paper at a time.


Heavy-duty card and paper stack-cutting machines

At Whitaker Brothers, we are proud of the many years of expertise we have Founded in 1945, we have more than 75 years of experience under our belt and can help you find the perfect product for your business Whether you want to know more about the products we stock or you simply need help choosing the right one for you, we are here Contact Whitaker Brothers today to take advantage of our expertise We can also be reached via phone at (800) 243-9226.

Maintaining your equipment is the best way to ensure it lasts a long time If you need replacement parts, supplies and accessories, we have all of the cutter supplies, accessories and parts at Whitaker Brothers You can find spare knives for when your knives are being sharpened as well as other cutter parts, supplies and accessories Keep your cutter working smoothly by regularly checking and maintaining it.

If you find that your working day is too busy to maintain your equipment, we can help The Whitaker Brothers service center is here to give you the support you need Whether you need a replacement part or you want to arrange a service contract to keep your cutter working, we can help We can even arrange for a repair technician to visit you and fix your equipment.



Which are the easiest cutting machines to use?

Paper-cutting machines are often seen as the easiest to use as they are simple to operate Some come with a guillotine that you press down onto the paper to make the necessary cuts Others come with a guard and a blade to give precision cutting.


How do cutting machines work?

Cutting machines use a sharp blade or knife to cut through the card or paper How the machines work will vary depending on whether it is a manual machine or an automatic machine Manual cutters require you to move the blade in order to get the clean cut you were hoping for Automatic cutting machines do this for you.


How do I choose a cutting machine?

The cutting machine you need will often vary depending on the material you are cutting If you are working with heavier stock such as cards, card-cutting machines may work better However, if you need to process large quantities of paper, heavy-duty paper cutters are the best option.


What is the difference between paper cutters and rotary trimmers?

Rotary trimmers are considered to be the safest option when it comes to cutting paper They have a guard in place to prevent you from injuring yourself during the cutting process and have a blade embedded into the guard to make cutting quick and easy Paper cutters or guillotine cutters often have the blade attached to a lever or arm which you have to manually press into the paper This is often better for large quantities but does pose a greater risk.


Can you change the blades on cutters?

Regularly changing your blades is a good way to maintain your cutter and keep it operating smoothly Most cutters do not need opening or taking apart in order to replace the blade, ensuring your safety You can change the blades with ease and experts recommend having a spare blade to replace your current one when it is sent for sharpening.