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Whether you need to make brochures, booklets, or anything else that needs perfect folds, using a creasing, perforating, and/or scoring machine is a great way to give your documents a polished, professional finish. Creasing is quickly becoming the preferred method for creating clean folds without cracking or doing damage to the toner on digitally printed media. There are multiple options when it comes to these machines including air fed and friction fed creasers.

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Each option is useful depending the type of creasing jobs you plan on doing, whether it is short to medium volume jobs or large volume jobs There are also different types of creases each machine can perform for different types of products you are making These types of creases include a tri-fold, z-fold, half, letter, and the list goes on.

Most creasers vary in the amount of creases per page that can be performed This gives you even more options to choose from when finding the perfect creasing machine for you and/or your print shop Most creasers can also perforate and score documents as well, which means that they are combining three separate products into one While scoring is very similar to creasing it is very valuable when making professional booklets and brochures.