Formax Autoseal FD 1606 Pressure Sealer

Formax Autoseal FD 1606 Pressure Sealer

Formax Autoseal FD 1606 Pressure Sealer Pressure Sealers Formax

Options for the Formax FD 1606

  • 18" Conveyor with Photo Eye
  • Locking Cabinet
  • 402 Series Jogger
  • Reverse Stacking Conveyor

Features of the Formax FD 1606 Autoseal Pressure Sealer System

  • Speed: 100 sheets per minute
  • Sheet capacity: Up to 200 forms
  • Fold Types: Z, C, Uneven Z, Half, and Custom
  • Pre-marked and adjustable fold plates
  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Drop-in feed system
  • Color Touchscreen Control Panel
  • 6-digit Resettable Counter
  • Made in USA

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The FD 1606 AutoSeal is an ideal mid-volume solution for processing one-piece pressure-sensitive mailers. It features automatic fold plates and an innovative graphics-based color touchscreen control panel- one of the first in the industry. The touchscreen uses internationally-recognized symbols in place of text, making it easy for anyone to use.

With a speed of up to 100 forms per minute, the FD 1606 enables operators to complete daily jobs in no time. Automatic fold plates are clearly marked and easy to adjust, making the FD 1606 a breeze to set up, right out of the box. With the capacity to process 14" forms, it has the versatility to fold and seal virtually any mid-volume application to meet your needs. Fold plates are marked for four standard folds - Z, C, Uneven Z, and Half folds - and can be easily reset for custom folds including Eccentric Z and C-fold mailers.

Pressure seal forms are ideal for checks, invoices, marketing pieces, school reports and any other mail piece that can be printed on one form. Simply load the forms, set the fold type, and press the start icon. In minutes, you'll have folded and sealed pieces, ready for the mail, without the hassle and expense of envelopes.