MBM 307A Paper Folder Folders MBM Ideal
MBM 307A Paper Folder Folders MBM Ideal
MBM 307A Paper Folder Folders MBM Ideal
MBM 307A Paper Folder Folders MBM Ideal

MBM 307A Paper Folder Folders MBM Ideal
MBM 307A Paper Folder Folders MBM Ideal
MBM 307A Paper Folder Folders MBM Ideal
MBM 307A Paper Folder Folders MBM Ideal

MBM 307A Paper Folder (Discontinued)

  • SKU: MBM307A-0611
  • Max Paper Weight: 105.35 g/m²
  • Max Paper Size: 11" x 17"
  • Adjustment: Automatic
  • Feed Type: Friction
  • GTIN/UPC: 096224648340
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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The new model that we recommend is the MBM 408A Paper Folder. If you have any questions, please click the Request a Quote button below, or call us at (800) 243-9226.

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Features of the 307A MBM Folder

  • Top feeding
  • Pre-programmed with 6 common folds; 18 custom fold storage capacity
  • Control panel features LED 4-digit counter with batch and total functions
  • Test button folds 2 sheets for operator inspection
  • quickly senses and displays paper size visually
  • Extended exit tray for neat accumulation of folded sheets
  • Single sheet feeding automatically maintained for varying weights of paper
  • Auxiliary paper guide for precise cross-folding
  • Load and unload paper from same side
  • Visual and auditory alerts in event of incorrect operation
  • Easily adjusted skew and micro-adjustment dials
  • Enclosed fold tables ensure quiet operation
  • All-metal construction
  • Optional scoring and perforating accessories
  • UL and C UL approved

Fold Types

Letter/Tri/C FoldHalf/Single FoldZ/Accordion/Zig Zag FoldDouble Parallel FoldGate/Brochure FoldEngineering/Short Z/Fold-Out/Half-Accordion Fold

Paper Weight Conversion Chart

Click Here for the Paper Weight Conversion Chart
The MBM 307A is our most popular automatic paper folder. Combining dependability and speed, the MBM 307A ensures quality folding results every time you use this automatic folder.

Description of the MBM 307A Paper Folder

The MBM 307A paper folder, our most popular automatic folder, is a mix of simplicity and speed. Folding is extraordinarily easy: just choose your fold type and press start. The 307A is a tabletop, friction-fed machine that contains a 3-roller feed system and control model with LED 4-digit counter with batch and total capacity. This automatic folder is ideal for speedy production and a variety of folds. The 307A has 6 standard folds but keeps another 18 custom folds in memory. An auxiliary paper guide also allows for cross folding. The MBM 307A paper folder can hold 450 sheets in its feed try and fold up to 110 lb paper. Overall, the 307A folds up to a considerable 11,520 sheets an hour.

This MBM paper folder provides a neat stack of folded paper on its extended exit tray. Once the paper is loaded into the tray, the user does not need to adjust it. Different paper weights are accepted by the single sheet feeding. The test button folds 2 sheets of paper for examination, and the folder automatically recognizes and displays the paper size, which can be 3 ½ x 5 inches to 11 x 17 inches. Should correction be required, the 307A offers signals that can be both seen and heard. This tabletop paper folder has skew and micro dials that are make adjustments easy and efficient. The low-maintenance quick-release rollers are durable, and the enclosed fold tables eliminate most of the operating noise. The 307A automatic paper folding machine is combines power and ease of use into a compact paper folder.

Notable features of this outstanding automatic folder are both the auxiliary paper guide for cross-folding and the three roller friction feeding system. The auxiliary paper guide for cross-folding is the essential component of MBM folders which ensures precise, quality cross-folds time and time again. This specification truly exemplifies first-rate engineering. Another equally important feature that 207M that contributes to quality control and prevents malfunction is the three roller friction system. No matter the size or weight of the document, the rollers ensure that the document enters the machine properly, in turn preventing jams. These features complement the 307A by drastically improving fold quality and machine reliability.

Strengths of the 307A

  • Very high feed tray capacity; it can hold 450 sheets at once, and fold speed is fast (over 11,000 sheets an hour).
  • Feed tray requires little to no adjustment once the sheets are loaded.
  • Much can be stored in memory - 18 custom folds.

What Customers Say:

  • The 307A paper folder couldn't be easier to use with its preset folds and simple start button.
  • Executing custom folds is effortless, since several are saved in memory.
  • It is an excellent choice for novice users.

Manufacturer Name MBM
Model # 307A
Feed Type Friction-fed
Fold Adjustment Setting Automatic fold adjustment
Feed Tray Capacity Up to 450
Fold Speed 11,520 sheets/hour
Fold Types Half Fold, Letter Fold (Tri), Z Fold, Cross Fold, Double Parallel Fold
Pre-programmed Standard Folds 6
Programmable Presets 18
Counter Yes
Batcher Yes
Accepted Paper Sizes 3 1/2'' x 5'' to 11'' x 17''
Accepted Paper Weights 12 lbs bond to 80 lbs. offset
Weight 82 lbs.
Height 20"
Width 41 1/4"
Depth 20 7/8"
Voltage 115 Volts; other voltages available

Shipping Weight 85.0000
Shipping Length 21
Shipping Width 26
Shipping Height 24
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Q: We need to adjust one of our pre folds that we have currently set in our machine. Can you direct me to a manual for directions or give them to me?
A: No problem! You can either contact MBM Corporation and asking for technical support, or call us directly and ask for the service department. Either method will get you to someone who can help out.

Q: How do you solve a jam in the small paper fold "thing" - we can see the paper, but don't know how to get it out without taking apart the small fold table. SURELY there is another way. . .
A: The fold plates are designed to be quickly and easily removable so that the paper path is completely accessible. Just unplug the small cord attached to the fold plate, lift, and pull. The plate should come right out and any debris that's causing a blockage can be easily removed. Paper jams are caused by two things: humidity and toner buildup on the rollers. If you want to prevent future jams try to keep humidity down and clean the fold rollers from time to time. This is covered by our service agreements if you have one!


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