Formax ColorMax7 Digital Color Printer

Formax ColorMax7 Digital Color Printer

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Basic Specs for the Formax Colormax7 Digital Color Printer

  • Resolution: Up to 1600 x 1600 dpi
  • Throughput: Up to 3,600 sheets per hour and up to 7,500 #10 envelopes per hour
  • Duty Cycle: 30 million pieces or 500,000 per month over a 5-year life cycle
  • Full-color CMYK output
  • Material Size: Min: 3" W x 4.25" LMax: 9.5" W x 17" L
  • Material Thickness: Up to 1/48" (0.5 mm / 430 gsm / 160# cover / 240# index)
  • Print Area: Up to 8.5" x 17" with full bleed capability
  • Ink Tank Capacity: Cyan 250ml, Magenta 250ml, Yellow 250ml, Black 500ml
  • Dimensions: 24" L x 20" W x 18" H (with conveyor stacker: 81" L x 20" W x 18" H)
  • Weight: 90 lbs
  • Electrical: 100VAC 60Hz / 2A

Features of the Formax ColorMax7

  • Applications include return address, letterhead, windowed/non-windowed envelopes, barcodes, postage, invitations, invoices, and labels
  • Hardware Required: Windows-based PC, XP and newer
  • PC Interface: USB & Ethernet
  • Firmware Update: Electronic firmware update downloads via PC connection
  • Fonts: All available TruType or Postscript system fonts

Video of the ColorMax7 Digital Printer

Overview of the Formax Digital Color Printer

The Formax ColorMax7 Digital Printer is an efficient, state-of-the-art digital printer that offers the latest in innovative printing technology. The Colormax7 offers companies the ability to print short-run batches, giving the user the versatility to print customized materials, ultimately increasing the open rate of mailing and marketing materials. We've been offering envelope address printers for many years, and the ColorMax is definitely a game changer in the print world. Despite the premium price tag, many customers skip over many other models in favor of the ColorMax. Why is that? Never has it been so easy to produce such high-end mail pieces. Traditional address printers" just don't give you the creative flexibility or professional quality finish. A few specs that really stand out to us on the ColorMax7 are about functionality. Any business that wants fast, in-house printing can purchase this machine. With the ability to do shorter runs, the ColorMax7 is ideal for seaonal batches of envelopes or letter heads. This gives the consumer the cabability to always have the perfect amount of materials available, increasing the open rate of mailers and envelopes.


 Maintenance on the ColorMax7 is simple. The machine requires minimal cleaning with distilled water and a microfiber cloth. The only consumables that need replacing are the ink tanks and Memjet® printhead. The ColorMax7 comes with an M-Series driver that is installed to give the user important details about the printer including percentage of ink left, pre-loaded jobs, reminders of when to replace parts, ink usage per job and cost per print per job.

The most common application of this machine is an envelope printer, however there are many more uses including letterhead, invitations and greeting cards, barcoding, addressing, postage, invoices, and labels. Unlike any other digital printer available, the ColorMax7 can produce a full bleed print on #10 envelopes. Another unique feature is the ability to re-print on envelopes that have already been printed on! This gives customers the ability to add seasonal images on a batch of envelopes so you will always have just the right amount of seasonal materials. This high speed color printer is three times faster than traditional shuttle head printers all while using less ink, producing less noise, and guaranteeing higher speeds. The ColorMax7 produces full color CMYK output, up to 16.8 million colors available to use on a variety of paper sizes, stocks, and finishes.

Memjet Technology
The ColorMax7 features the Memjet technology, that features a printhead with 70,400 jets that shoot millions of ink per second. With it's With its exceptional nozzle quality, the Memjet printhead and continuously fire up to 700 million drops per second. This is 17x what any other printhead currently on the market can do. The Memjet technology has the ability to work at 12 inches per second, while producing 1600 x 800 dpi quality, the normal print quality needed to produce typical technical documents. While operating at a speed of 6 inches per second, the printhead produces 1600 x 1600 dpi output and is capable of high-quality graphics.

 High speed and top quality are both achievable with the ColorMax due to the tightly packed nozzles. They are able to operate quickly and seamlessly providing sufficient ink coverage and quality in a single pass. Since the ColorMax7 printhead does not scan back and forth like printheads on other digital printers, the placement of the ink drop on your materials is extremely accurate. These ink drops average about 14 microns in diameter, just a fraction of the size of a human hair. Also unique to the Memjet technology on the ColorMax7 is the composition. The Memjet nozzle layer is comprised of extremely durable silicon and coated with a smooth surface material to help resist debris to help keep maintenance costs down. Another technology unique to Memjet is the heating element is the heating element that is inside the ink chamber. Heating the ink allows for a smooth ink ejection that makes it possible to achieve 1600 dpi print.

ColorMax 7 Applications and Uses

Return Addresses
Print high quality fonts and text at high speed for applications such as the return address with full color logos on envelopes, flats, cards and letterhead.


Company Logo Letterhead
The ColorMax 7 makes it easy and affordable to create customized letterhead. Print high-resolution logos on many types of paper including bond, laser, linen and coated stocks.

Windowed Envelopes
Because the ColorMax 7 doesn't require heat or contact to create an image, it can safely print on previously laser printed or windowed envelopes without affecting the print already on the piece or damaging the window.

Invitations and Greeting Cards

Print high-quality formal invitations and envelopes for events such as weddings and reunions in full high-resolution color and deep saturated black fonts and creative cursives. The ColorMax 7 prints graphics and text at high speed, ideal for the short run production of holiday cards with variable data such as addresses and colorful family holiday pictures, all in one pass.

Barcoding and Addressing
The ColorMax 7 can print barcodes and addresses from various mailing applications, producing high-volume direct mail pieces including company logo, USPS barcodes, return address, permit and graphics all in one pass.

Variable data and trans-promotional messages can be printed in one pass in high-resolution color for items such as invoices, statements and customer notices at industry leading costs per piece.

Print paid postage in the form of Prepaid Postal Permit (in full color for higher response) or downloadable variable or static postage provided by PC postage providers.


The ColorMax 7 prints vibrant high-resolution color images and text on cut-sheet labels at high speeds. Digital color means no setup cost and economical low-volume customized labels

Manufacturer Name Formax
Throughput Speed Up to 3,600 per hour sheets; Up to 7,500 per hour #10 envelopes
Print Type Full color fixed head
Print Area 8.5" x 17" full bleed
Model # Colormax7
Weight 90 lbs.
Height 18"
Width 20"
Depth 24"
Voltage 100 VAC 60Hz / 2A

Shipping Weight 140.0000
Shipping Length 27
Shipping Width 40
Shipping Height 20
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Q: What kind of maintenance/cleaning is required to keep my printer running as efficient as possible?
A: Generally, periodic maintenance is needed to keep the printer in good working order. Check out the chart below for suggested times to perform these maintenance tasks.