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Benefits of Renting a Degausser

  • On site destruction of drives ensures you that no third party company will be handling your drives, or removing them from your property.
  • Meet government destruction standards by renting one of our NSA approved degaussers.
  • Ideal for short term degaussing requirements
  • If you are considering purchasing, you have the opportunity to try out the best solution for your company.
  • The ideal solution if saving space in your work space or office is a concern.

Why Rent a Degausser?

Renting a degausser through Whitaker Brothers is the perfect option for many reasons. Whether you aren't ready to purchase a degausser, only have a small number of hard drives that need degaussed, unsure of which degausser you want to purchase, or simply don't have the room to own one, renting is the option for you! It's important to remember that degaussers are only effective on hard drives. This is because they work by sending electric pulses through the drive to unalign the magnetic fields. Other media devices like SSD's do not store data magentically, so degaussing would be ineffective. When considering a rental you should keep in mind the same options that you would when considering a degausser purchase. Do you require a degausser that's on the NSA EPL list? We have those! The NSA requires very strict regulations to be set forth. Hard drives must be forensically irrecoverable to be NSA approved. If you're company must abide by standards and regulations such as HIPAA, FACTA, or SOX, then an NSA approved degausser is what you need. How many hard drives are you degaussing? Renting is the perfect solution if you only have a small amount of hard drives to destroy. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you're helping prevent your company from data breaches and stolen identities, without the financial burden of purchasing. Would you prefer a two step degauss and destroy process? We have machines that will magnetically erase your media and then physically destroy your drive, reassuring you that your drive will be forensically irrecoverable. No matter what your requirements are, we have a degausser that will fit your needs

Which Degausser is Right For Me?

Datastroyer 105 Hard Drive Degausser

Datastroyer 105 Hard Drive Degausser is the only available NSA approved hard drive degausser, that is effective on hard drives 4 terabytes in size or larger. It uses Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) bi-directional technology to un-align the drive's magnetic fields making data retrieval impossible. With such powerful erasure capabilities, the Datastroyer 105 will remain on the NSA Evaluated Products List for many years. An impressive cycle time of less than one minute, it offers a quick, operation time. At dimensions of 19" H x 26" D x 10" W, and a weight of 128 lbs., the Datastroyer 105 is the perfect tabletop model.

Datastroyer 105 Hard Drive Drawer Degausser
The Datastroyer 105 Hard Drive Drawer Degausser is a powerful machine that will destroy your sensitive, classified data with ease. While not NSA certified, this drive degausser meets data sanitization standards set forth by NIST and the US DoD. The drawer measures in at 1" x 4.3" x 6" and will destroy any hard drive or magnetic media up to 5.000 Oe. Use of the 105 Drawer Degausser is simple and quick. Open the drawer and place your hard drive inside. There is no need to remove the cover that hides the hard drive platter. Close the drawer and press the start button. In about 5 seconds, your drive will be blasted with 15,000 gauss of magnetic energy, and it will be completely degaussed. As soon as it's finished, you can open the drawer, remove the drive and you're ready to degauss another one. Weighing in at a sleek 48 lbs., this degausser is ideal for tabletop use.

Still Not Sure?
That's okay! We're data destruction experts, so it's our job to figure out what works best for you. Reach out to us for recommendations to fit your needs!

Common Q & A

Whitaker Brothers is pleased to offer degaussers satisfying multiple different security requirements on a rental program. Mobile destruction companies charge as much as $20 per hard drive, while our solutions come in at less than 1/3rd of that depending on your logistics and requirements. We support businesses seeking to wipe out an old stockpile of drives, hospitals looking to purge their magnetic media while meeting HIPAA destruction guidelines, and even government contractors who need to meet the strict NSA requirements for Top Secret sanitization. We have rental programs available for everyone.

Be prepared to answer the following questions:

Q: What security requirements are you required to follow (FACTA, HIPAA, NSA High Security, Not Sure)? 
A: This question has a high cost determination. Most businesses and non-classified government agencies are held to FACTA laws at the very least. Those with access to patient medical data might be subject to HIPAA laws. And finally classified government agencies, the military, and contractors will require a device that can be found on the NSA Evaluated Products List for degaussers. We have degaussing equipment that covers every security requirement in the United States.

Q: How many hard drives will you be degaussing? (0-500, 500-5000, 5000+)
A: This question has a low cost determination. But when building your price quote we will need to know if you're degaussing a few hundred hard drives or several thousand. Like leasing a car, it is cheaper to guess accurately up front then pay overage fees when you return it.

Q: How long will you need the degausser for? (3-7 days, 7-30 days, 30+ days)
A: This question also has a low cost determination. Please keep in mind that operators are human, and just because a degausser can wipe a drive in eight seconds doesn't mean you'll realistically be degaussing 450 drives per hour. Likewise some degaussers when run continuously over long period of time will extend their cycle time to prevent overheating. So keep your estimate realistic. The cost for additional days is negligible.

Q: Do you have a shipping department that can repackage and return the degausser? (Yes, No)
A: This question has a high cost determination. If you can crate and ship the degausser back using your own logistics then there is money to be saved. If you require Whitaker Brothers to dispatch a shipping company to preform that service for you then it will be more expensive.

Q: Will you require a device for physical destruction as well? (Yes, No)

A: This question has a very high cost determination. Every hard drive forensics expert we've met agrees that degaussing is vastly superior to destruction. Such that physical destruction isn't really necessary. However we also understand that a degaussed hard drive looks exactly like an undegaussed hard drive so we respect the desire for that extra layer of protection. Whitaker Brothers has equipment that can drill holes, bend, punch, crush, and even reduce into tiny bits.

With the answers to these questions we can provide you a degausser rental quote.

Video of the Datastroyer 105 Hard Drive Degausser

Video of the 105 Hard Drive Drawer Degausser

Datastroyer® 105 Hard Drive Degausser

Manufacturer Name Datastroyer by Whitaker Brothers
Erasure Capabilities Disk, tape
Erasure Cycle Time Less than 1 minute
Magnetic Flux Density 20,000 Gauss positive field and a 20,000 Gauss negative field
Duty Cycle Continuous
Model # 105
Weight 128 lbs.
Height 19''
Depth 26''
Width 10''
Voltage 120 V; other voltages available
Shipping Weight 128.0000
Search Terms 105degausser, hd degausser, data degausser, datastroyer105, harddrivedegausser, datastroyerdegausser

Datastroyer® 105 Hard Drive® Drawer Degausser

Manufacturer Name Datastroyer by Whitaker Brothers
Erasure Capabilities Disk, tape
Erasure Cycle Time Less than 5 seconds
Magnetic Flux Density 15,000 G (1.5 Tesla)
Magnetic Field Intensity 5,000 Oe
Duty Cycle Continuous
Model # 105
Weight 48 lbs.
Height 12''
Depth 12''
Width 20''
Voltage 120 V; other voltages available
Shipping Weight 48.0000
Search Terms 105degausser, hd degausser, data degausser, datastroyer105, harddrivedegausser, datastroyerdegausser, drawerdegausser, harddrivedrawer

Datastroyer® 105 Hard Drive Degausser