Widmer N-3 Numbering Machine

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Vendor:   Widmer
ISBN:   096224641839
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Available Options

  • Special action of duplicate instead of consecutive (no combinations) 5 wheels automatic advance +$120.00
  • Repeat Switch of repeating a number +$120.00
  • Push button for manual number advancement +$128.00
  • Letter or dash wheel in place of a number wheel (each) +$61.00
  • Letter of dash wheel in addition to 6 number wheels (each) +$61.00
  • Number wheels in addition to 6 number wheels (each) (11 wheels maximum) +$64.00
    • Throat Depth: 1-3/16 - 2 inches
    • Max: 2-3/8 inches
    • Min: 1/8 inches
    • Electrical: 115 V
    • Dimensions: 7 1/4" H x 4 3/4" W x 10" D
    • Weight: 18 lbs

    Video of How to Open a Widmer Numbering Machine

    Description of the Widmer N-3 Numbering Machine

    The Widmer N-3 electronic numbering machine consecutively numbers documents with a 6 wheel printing head. Machine is available with consecutive, duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate action and any combination of number, letter and dash wheels up to 11 wheels. The insertion of the paper activates the trigger for split second stamping. A new, open throat allows greater accessibility; documents of letter size or small tickets may be inserted with ease. Can be furnished with a repeat switch and guide platforms for special print locations.

    Manufacturer Name Widmer
    Throat Depth 1 3/16'' -2''
    Model # N-3
    Weight 18 lbs.
    Height 7 1/4''
    Width 4 3/4''
    Depth 10''
    Voltage 115 Volts; other voltages available
    Shipping Weight 18.0000
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    Q: Please clarify- This system will automatically print number sequentially when the document is placed in the slot? Is it capable of duplicating a sequence of numbers if needed?
    A: Yes! It will sequentially number each piece of paper that is inserted into it. Should you need multiple sheets of paper to have the same number applied to them, what you need is an accessory called a repeater switch. Please call 1800-243-9226 for more information.

    Q: We have the model N-3 at work. Not sure where or when it was obtained. Can the trigger mechanism be moved so it doesn't stamp so deep on the paper? Also, how can we get a guide plate so that our specific form can be guided into the correct spot?
    A: Adjusting the location of the trigger can be moved in small degrees. To make larger movements in the stamp depth requires an extension trigger. The guide plate is an optional accessory and, like an extension trigger, can be installed by a trained technician. Since stamps are smaller devices we recommend that you speak with our service department and get a price quote - you can save money by shipping them into us for repairs or upgrades.