Standard BQ-P60 Perfect Binder-Padder

Standard BQ-P60 Perfect Binder-Padder

  • Binding type: Tape, Perfect, Note-pad
  • Cycle speed: 25-30 seconds; up to 140 books/hour (perfect and tape); up to 480 pads (1/4'')/hour (padding)
  • Binding capacity: from 2 to 250 sheets (up to 1'')
  • Binding dimensions: minimum 2'' L x 3.25'' H; maximum 12.4'' L x 8.7'' H
  • Tape dimension: 11'' L x 1.56'' W
  • Electrical: 115/120 V, 60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 27'' W x 18'' D x 11'' H
  • Weight: 83.6 lbs.

Introducing the NEW Standard BQ-P60 Binder, replacing the Standard BQ-P6. This compact binder/padder can perform perfect binds, tape binds or pads.

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SKU: SDMBQP60 ISBN: 096224641181
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Description of the Standard BQ-P60 Perfect Binder/Padder

Replacing the Standard BQ-P6, the BQ-P60 Perfect Binder/Padder offers a user-friendly control panel that allow the user to perfect bind, tape bind, or pad. This compact binder offers versatility and efficiency. The adhesive application adjustment provides the user with flexibility, allowing them to determine the desired amount of adhesive for each project. The BQ-P60 utilizes a new lower temperature adhesive, another great feature. The built-in fume extractor eliminates unwanted fumes produced by the machine. If the machine is not being used for a period of time, the power saving mode automatically shuts the machine in order to preserve electricity. The BQ-P60 would make a perfect addition to any office or print environment.

Video of the Standard BQ-P60 Perfect Binder/Padder

Manufacturer Name Standard
Binding Type Note-pad, Perfect, Tape
Max Sheet Capacity 250
Max Binding Length 12.4''
Model # BQ-P60
Weight 83.6 lbs.
Height 11''
Width 27''
Depth 18''
Voltage 115/120 V; other voltages available
Shipping Weight 83.6000
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