Whitaker Brothers Shredder Starter Kit #800 (Discontinued)

Whitaker Brothers Shredder Starter Kit #800 (Discontinued)

Shredder Starter Kit Contains

  • 8 - Model #800 Shredder Bags
  • 3 bottles of WBBM 55 Shredder Oil
  • 20+ piece Office Quick Fix Tool Kit

Shredder bags, shredder oil and an office tool kit

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The Whitaker Brothers Shredder Starter Kit #800 is the perfect accompaniment to your new shredder. It contains 8 - Model #800 clear shredder bags which will fit Destroyit, Fellowes, Martin Yale, Formax, Swingline or almost any shredder with a 40 to 64 gallon bin capacity. You also get 3 bottles of our high quality WBBM 55 shredder oil made especially for use with commercial shredders to keep your new shredder running smoothly and efficiently. We also include our 20+ piece Office Quick Fix Tool Kit which includes 6 precision screw drivers, needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, a socket set, tweezers and more. It's everything you need to handle minor repairs and maintenance around the office all in a convenient, fold-up case small enough to fit in any desk drawer. The Whitaker Brothers Shredder Starter Kit #800 is everything you need to keep your shredder and your office running smoothly.

Manufacturer Name Whitaker Brothers
Model Whitaker Brothers / Datastroyer>>0077SL||Whitaker Brothers / Datastroyer>>007SF||Whitaker Brothers / Datastroyer>>702SF||Whitaker Brothers / Datastroyer>>DCS 500X||Whitaker Brothers / Datastroyer>>DS-5||Whitaker Brothers / Datastroyer>>DS-7||Whitaker Brothers / Datastroyer>>1495||Whitaker Brothers / Datastroyer>>1628||Whitaker Brothers / Datastroyer>>702||Whitaker Brothers / Datastroyer>>802||Whitaker Brothers / Datastroyer>>852||Martin Yale / Intimus>>007S30||Martin Yale / Intimus>>007S||Martin Yale / Intimus>>0077SE||Martin Yale / Intimus>>007SX||Martin Yale / Intimus>>0077SX||Martin Yale / Intimus>>150/500/750 IN||Martin Yale / Intimus>>2000 TT||Martin Yale / Intimus>>3000 TT||Martin Yale / Intimus>>4000 TT||Martin Yale / Intimus>>S407||Martin Yale / Intimus>>266||Martin Yale / Intimus>>421||Martin Yale / Intimus>>431 SE||Martin Yale / Intimus>>434 SE||Martin Yale / Intimus>>444 SE||Martin Yale / Intimus>>602||Martin Yale / Intimus>>602HS||Martin Yale / Intimus>>702||Martin Yale / Intimus>>802||Martin Yale / Intimus>>852|| Martin Yale / Intimus>>852VS||Martin Yale / Intimus>> 175 CC||Martin Yale / Intimus>>14.95||Martin Yale / Intimus>>4605||MBM / Destroyit>>3014 SMC||MBM / Destroyit>>4014 SMC||MBM / Destroyit>>4002 SMC||MBM / Destroyit>>3105||MBM / Destroyit>>3803||MBM / Destroyit>>3804||MBM / Destroyit>>4002||MBM / Destroyit>>4003||MBM / Destroyit>>4004||MBM / Destroyit>>4005||MBM / Destroyit>>4011||MBM / Destroyit>>4012||Fellowes>>2339C||Fellowes>>2339S||Fellowes>>3140C||Fellowes>>3140S||Fellowes>>C-525||Fellowes>>HS-880||Formax>>8500||Formax>>8502||Formax>>8714||Formax>>8650||Formax>>8802SC||Dahle>>41606||Dahle>>41614||Dahle>>41622||Dahle>>41630||Dahle>>20390||Dahle>>20394|| Dahle>>20396||Dahle>>20452||Dahle>>20453||GBC>>5500S||GBC>>6020S||GBC>>6500S||GBC>>7120S||GBC>>GLX1942||GBC>>GLX3055||Standard>>4070 S||Standard>>4070 X||Standard>>4070 X5||Standard>>5020 S||Standard>>5020 ||Swingline>>CM11-44||Swingline>>CS25-44||Swingline>>CS39-55||Swingline>>CX22-44||Swingline>>CX30-55||Swingline>>LX19-42||Swingline>>LX30-55||Fellowes>>3850||GBC>>4000||GBC>>4000B||GBC>>4220||GBC>>4300||GBC>>4400
Weight 1.5 lb.
Shipping Weight 1.5000
Shipping Length 10
Shipping Width 3
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