Rhin-O-Tuff PAL-14 Electric Paper Lifter Binding/Punching Systems Rhin-O-Tuff

Rhin-O-Tuff PAL-14 Electric Paper Lifter Binding/Punching Systems Rhin-O-Tuff

Rhin-O-Tuff PAL-14 Electric Paper Lifter

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Basic Specs of the PAL-14

  • Max Sheet Size: 8-1/2"x14"
  • Max Sheet Capacity: 3 reams
  • Stands Alone: No
  • Attaches to Punching Machine: Yes (Vertical)
  • CE Listed: Yes
  • Margin of Error: 1 sheet
  • Voltage: 115 V
  • Hertz: 60 Hz
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Item Dimensions (DxWxH): 12"x18.5"x11"
  • Item Weight: 12 lbs
The Rhin-O-Tuff PAL-14 is an electric paper lifter built to attach to one of Rhin-O-Tuff's vertical punching machines.

Description of the Rhin-O-Tuff PAL-14 Electric Paper Lifter

The Rhin-O-Tuff PAL-14 electric paper lifter is designed to accurately separate sheets of paper before they are punched and bound into a single document. This machine eliminates the need to estimate the number of sheets of paper you are punching at once. Instead, you decide exactly how many sheets to punch at once and leave the rest up to the paper lifter. The machine has a margin error of plus or minus 1 sheet, resulting in extremely accurate and efficient punching. The problem with using guesswork to select a number of sheets paper is that you will end up with either too much or too little paper. This means the machine may either jam up or you may not be as productive and efficient as you would like. This can be altogether avoided by using the PAL-14! There is also a manual version of this machine that is more inexpensive and does the same job, only manually instead of automatically. The PAL-14 can lift up to 3 reams of legal-sized paper and index tabs at once. If you want to streamline your efficiency when it comes to punching and binding, the Rhin-O-Tuff PAL-14 is a great investment. It is guaranteed to increase your efficiency and productivity. Purchase yours today!

Manufacturer Name Rhin-O-Tuff
Max Sheet Capacity 3 reams
Model # 00205PAL14ONYX
Manufacturer Part Number 00205PAL14ONYX
Weight 12 lbs
Height 11"
Width 18.5"
Depth 12"
Voltage 115 V
Shipping Weight 12.0000
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