Omation Model 2112 Envelopener Letter Opener (Discontinued)
Omation Model 2112 Envelopener Letter Opener (Catch Tray Included) - (DISCONTINUED) Letter Openers Omation/OPEX
Omation Model 2112 Envelopener Letter Opener (Catch Tray Included) - (DISCONTINUED) Letter Openers Omation/OPEX

Omation Model 2112 Envelopener Letter Opener (Discontinued)

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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The new model that we recommend is the Omation Series 410 Envelopener Letter Opener. If you have any questions, please click the Request a Quote button below, or call us at (800) 243-9226.

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Basic Specs of the Omation Model 2112 Envelopener Letter Opener

  • Speed: up to 400 envelopes per minute (6" envelope)
  • Envelope Sizes and Types: All sizes and types, including overnight envelopes
  • Thickness: up to 0.188"
  • Depth of cut: from 0.01"-0.07"
  • Power: 110-120 VAC, 60 Hz (220-240 VAC available)
  • BTU rating: 1964 BTU/h (max 115v/5A); 2357 BTU/h (max 230v/3A)
  • Dimensions (L x D x H): 40 1/2" - 42 1/2" x 16 1/2" (18" with power cord) x 14 1/2"
  • Weight: 47 lbs.
Omation Model 2112 Envelopener Letter Opener offers the milling cutter technology to swiftly and accurately slice open your envelopes.

Video Demo of the Omation Model 2112 Envelopener Letter Opener

Description of the Omation Model 2112 Envelopener Letter Opener

The Omation Model 2112 Compact Envelopener boasts impressive speed, safety, and user-friendly operation. An advanced self-adjusting feeder makes opening a variety of mixed mail sizes and thicknesses incredibly efficient, including standard flat envelopes, oversized packages and thick envelopes. For such a compact machine, the Omation 2112 is extremely productive and flexible. The adjustable output tray accommodates flats and larger sized mail. This high capacity tray holds up to 3,500 envelopes at once without having to reload. For speedy processing, the Omation 2112 is capable of opening as many as 400 envelopes per minute.

The Milling Cutter technology minimizes cut content in order to protect internal documents. Instead of cutting a huge chunk off of your envelopes, the Omation 2112 trims off small chips of paper, removing as little as .01" to .07" off the edges of your envelopes. To minimize any mess and limit paper jams, these chips are stored in a large capacity chip tray. When this chip tray reaches full capacity, an indicator light illuminates to alert the user. Thanks to the milling technology, the edges of your envelopes are left soft and feathered, perfect for safe document removal. This envelopener features two cut-depth settings for both normal and thicker mail. The handy counter displays a crystal clear envelope count, essential for your mid volume mail opening jobs. In addition to these features, the Omation 2112 also offers a no-cut setting and switch, perfect for when you wish to simply count your envelopes without opening them.

Manufacturer Name Omation/Opex
Speed 24,000 envelopes/hour
Envelope Size All
Envelope Thickness .188"
Feed Stack Capacity 3" tall
Counter/Batcher Yes
Model # 2112
Manufacturer Part Number OMA 2112
Weight 47 lbs.
Height 14 1/2"
Width 40 1/2"- 42 1/2"
Depth 16 1/2" (18" with power cord)
Voltage 110-120 (5A); 220-240 (3A)
Shipping Weight 47.0000
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Q: Does this date stamp the envelope?
A: In order to apply a stamp to the mail as it's opened, whether that stamp is the date or any other message, you would need to upgrade to the Omation 306S. In a low volume situation you could take a look at our RapidPrint and Widmer time and date stamps, but you would have to individually insert each envelope into the stamping machine by hand. The only way to have it opened and stamped in the same pass is with the Omation 306 series.


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