MBM Destroyit Paper Shredder Oil (8 x 1 pint)

MBM Destroyit Paper Shredder Oil (8 x 1 pint)

MBM Destroyit Paper Shredder Oil (8 x 1 pint) Supplies MBM Ideal

Features of Destroyit Shredder Oil by MBM

  • Specially formulated for use in any MBM Destroyit model paper shredder.
  • One package containing eight one-pint bottles
  • Light weight and high cling formula guarantees effectiveness
  • Direct from the manufacturer of Destroyit paper shredders
  • Manufacturer's part number: CED21/8 or CED218

MBM Destroyit paper shredder oil: for use in any MBM Destroyit brand paper shredder. These are delivered as a package of eight one-pint bottles. MPN CED21/8 or CED218.

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SKU: MBMCED218 ISBN: 096224646919
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MBM Destroyit paper shredder oil lubricant is ideal for use in ANY MBM Destroyit shredder: Destroyit 2240sc, Destroyit 2240cc, Destroyit 2260sc, Destroyit 2260cc, Destroyit AL1, Destroyit 2360sc, Destroyit 2360cc, Destroyit 2403sc, Destroyit 2403cc, Destroyit 2404sc, Destroyit 2404cc, Destroyit 2501sc, Destroyit 2501cc, Destroyit 2503sc, Destroyit 2503cc, Destroyit 2603sc, Destroyit 2603cc, Destroyit 2604sc, Destroyit 2604cc, Destroyit 3103sc, Destroyit 3103cc, Destroyit 3803sc, Destroyit 3803cc, Destroyit 4002sc, Destroyit 4002cc. Destroyit 3105sc, Destroyit 3105cc, Destroyit 4005sc, Destroyit 4005cc, Destroyit 4605sc, Destroyit 4605cc, Destroyit 4107sc, Destroyit 4107cc, Destroyit 5009, Destroyit 2360smc, Destroyit 2603smc, Destroyit 2604smc, Destroyit 3105smc, Destroyit 4005smc.

If your paper shredder has an automatic oiler reservoir on the side, consider the gallon configuration Destroyit shredder oil. It will be easier to pour.

Manufacturer Name MBM
Weight 9 lbs.
Height 8 3/4
Width 10 1/4
Depth 5 3/4

Shipping Weight 9.0000
Shipping Length 8
Shipping Width 7
Shipping Height 9
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