Martin Yale 620RC 18.5" Manual Cutter (Discontinued)
Martin Yale 620RC 18.5" Manual Cutter (Discontinued)

Martin Yale 620RC 18.5" Manual Cutter (Discontinued)

  • SKU: MYL620RC
  • Cut Height: 3.14"
  • Cut Width: 19"
  • Type: Manual
  • GTIN/UPC: 00011991006209
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Discover the Martin Yale 620RC, a highly versatile and adaptable manual ream cutter. Use this paper-cutting machine to manage your printing or shipping operation. The cutter can accurately cut large stacks of paper. Martin Yale cutters are strong and reliable, and they will serve your cutting needs for a long time to come.

Basic Specs of the Martin Yale 620RC Cutter

  • Cutting Length: 19"
  • Cutting Height: 3.14"
  • Cutting Depth: 18.5"
  • Capacity: 800 sheets
  • Paper Clamp: Yes

Features of the Martin Yale 620RC Cutter

  • Cuts a full 19.0” length and 18.5" depth and a stack up to 3.14” thick, which is approximately 800 sheets of 20lb. bond paper.
  • Precise manual back gauge, manual paper clamp that allows for additional stack pressure, a battery operated cutting line light, and an easy to assemble metal stand.
  • Offers standard English and metric rulers for cutting accuracy.
  • Legs adjust to 1.5” to facilitate leveling.
  • Clear cover insures safety by preventing the blade from lowering when it is in the open position.
  • Operates with 2D batteries (included).
The Martin Yale 620RC 18.5" ream cutter can cut through over 3" of 20-lb bond paper - just what you need for high-volume cutting jobs.

Video of the Martin Yale 620RC Cutter

Description of the Martin Yale 620RC Cutter

The mid-sized Martin Yale 620RC 18.5" Manual Cutter offers powerful and substantial paper cutting capabilities for a reasonable price. The Martin Yale 620RC can perform several of the same functions as some other high volume paper cutting machines, but for half the price and half the size. With a cutting length and depth of 18.5", the 620RC handles a stack of 3.14" 20 lb. bond paper, which comes to an incredible 800 sheets. This is an amazing volume capacity for a paper cutter this size.

The Martin Yale 620RC provides several functions dedicated to accuracy and precision. This manual cutter features a battery operated cutting line that shows you where you are cutting and ensures cutting accuracy. Another great feature is the precise, manual back gauge, which can be adjusted with a hand crank located on the side of the cutter. This manual back gauge provides you with the freedom to alter the cutting settings for each new project. The Martin Yale 620RC also features a manual paper clamp, which provides additional pressure to your paper stack. This wheel clamp holds even the highest capacity of paper tightly while cutting. Finally, the Martin Yale 620 comes with Standard English and metric rulers, solidifying Martin Yale's commitment to accurate cutting.

Weighing 250 lbs., the Martin Yale 620RC is 20" W x 20" D x 44" H. This manual cutter comes with an easy to assemble metal stand, making it a perfect floor model paper cutter. This is an incredible feature, since many paper cutters come with optional stands at an additional charge. The stand is also quite durable, unlike some flimsy and insubstantial cutter stands. Fit this convenient 620RC paper cutter against a wall or in the corner of any office mailroom or print shop. The legs will adjust up to 1 ½" to make leveling easier and allow you to work at the most comfortable height for you. The 620RC provides 18.7" of cutting length behind the blade. The Martin Yale 620RC 18.5" Manual Cutter makes the perfect addition for any quick-print, copy shops, in-plant, offset, and on-demand environments.

Martin Yale Cutters Uses & Benefits

Ream cutters process large volumes of documents, paper, or cards at a time. The Martin Yale 620RC 18.5” Ream Cutter, for instance, has a capacity of up to 800 sheets. 

Paper-cutting machines like this are integral to operations for many companies. You’ll be able to enhance efficiency through cutting large stacks of paper at one time.

The labor requirements for heavy-duty paper cutters are minimal. It takes little effort to prepare the machine, and you will get instant results. Martin Yale cutters are also safe to use with little to no specialist training. As a result, you’re able to reduce labor costs while increasing productivity.

Martin Yale cutters are versatile and adaptable for use in many work environments. The tabletop machine is lightweight, compact, and easy to transport. 

At the same time, these cutters are robust so they can withstand harsh environments. Because these manual paper cutters are durable, they are reliable and long-lasting. They are expertly manufactured for everyday use. You can easily buy replaceable blades or carry out maintenance, so your cutting equipment endures even longer.

Use ream cutters to cut flyers, brochures, mail, tickets, business cards, and so much more. These paper-cutting machines have high utility and versatility. Tabletop paper cutters can be used in several applications across different work departments.

Why Choose Whitaker Brothers for Heavy Duty Paper Cutters?

Whitaker Brothers is a specialist that provides paper-cutting machinery and data destruction with 75 years of experience in the industry. We value quality, and only partner with trustworthy manufacturers. Here you’ll find a variety of paper cutters that suit different needs from small, budget-friendly machines to innovative, industrial equipment with high processing capacities.

If you have any further questions about our commercial paper cutters speak to our expert support staff. We can assist you in finding the best paper cutter to meet your business requirements.

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Manufacturer Name Martin Yale
Max Cutting Width 18.5"
Max Cutting Thickness 3.14"
Cutting Mode Manual
Cutting Length Behind Blade 18.7"
Cutting Length in Front of Blade 18"
Clamp Type Manual
Optical Cutting Line Yes
Back Gauge Adjustment Manual
Model # 620RC
Weight 250 lbs
Product Dimensions (WxDxH) 20" x 20" x 44"

UPC 011991006209
Shipping Weight 250 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 33" x 36" x 25"

How do you cut reams of paper?

To clarify, a ream of paper is a standard measurement for sheets of paper, comprising of 500 sheets. So to cut an entire ream of paper, you need a heavy-duty paper-cutting machine with a mid to high-cutting capacity. For example, the Martin Yale 620RC can cut up to 800 sheets at a time, which is a high-cutting capacity.

Who makes the best ream paper cutter?

There are many high-quality paper cutter manufacturers out there that offer ream paper cutters. Among them are Martin Yale, MBM, Granutec, and Formax. You must choose a ream cutter from a reputable manufacturer. This guarantees the product will be rigorously tested, and have the correct safety features.

Do paper cutters get dull?

Blades on paper-cutting machines need to be strong and sharp, but they can get dull over time. Ream cutter blades generally last for several thousand cuts. The exact number depends on the make, model, and frequency of use. If your ream cutter blade gets dull, you don’t need to replace the entire machine. Simply install a replacement blade.

Are ream cutters safe?

Yes, despite having sharp blades, ream cutters have a range of safety features to prevent injuries. Martin Yale cutters, for example, have transparent safety covers that contain a safety mechanism where the blade won’t lower unless the cover is closed. They also come with a sturdy stand to ensure the machine doesn’t slip out of place and cause an accident.


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