Intimus 9999943 Shredder Oil (12 x 16oz bottles)
Intimus 9999943 Shredder Oil (12 x 16oz bottles) Supplies Intimus

Intimus 9999943 Shredder Oil (12 x 16oz bottles)
Intimus 9999943 Shredder Oil (12 x 16oz bottles) Supplies Intimus

Intimus 9999943 Shredder Oil (12 x 16oz bottles)

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Features of Intimus Shredder Oil 16oz Bottles (12-pack)

  • Specially formulated for use in any Intimus or Olympia model paper shredder.
  • One package containing twelve 16-ounce bottles.
  • Light weight and high cling formula guarantees effectiveness.
  • Direct from the manufacturer of Intimus and Martin Yale paper shredders.

The constant friction between the shredder blades during the shredding process can lead to wear and tear. Lubricating your shredder blades regularly helps to prevent paper jams by cleaning and removing accumulated paper dust and debris within your shredder blades. In addition, properly lubricated shredder blades can lead to less noise during the shredding process.

To use shredder oil, it is typically recommended to apply it directly onto a piece of paper and then run the oiled paper through the shredder. The frequency of oiling depends on the shredder usage, and it's usually suggested to oil the shredder every 30 minutes of operation or as specified in the user manual.

Intimus' specially formulated lubrication/oil helps to maintain your Intimus shredder at optimal performance for the life of your shredder.

Specially formulated for model numbers: Intimus 302, Intimus 302cc, Intimus 402, Intimus 402cc, Intimus 452, Intimus 452cc, Intimus 502, Intimus 502CC, Intimus 502 CD, Intimus 602, Intimus 602cc, Intimus Multimedia, Intimus 402HS, Intimus 502SF, Intimus 602SF, Intimus 602HS, Intimus 0077SX, Intimus 702SF, Intimus 0077SL, Olympia 1300.6, Olympia 1300.4, Olympia 1300.4c, Olympia 1300.2c, Olympia 1300.1C, Olympia 1400.6, Olympia 1400.4, Olympia 1400.4c, Olympia 1400.2c, Olympia 1400.1C, Olympia 14.52, Olympia 14.52c, Olympia 1500.6, Olympia 1500.4, Olympia 1500.4c, Olympia 1500.2c, Olympia 1500.8 CD, Olympia 1600.6, Olympia 1600.4, Olympia 1600.4c, Olympia 1600.2c, Olympia 1600.1C, Olympia 1650.1C, Olympia Multimedia

If your paper shredder has an automatic oiler reservoir on the side, consider the 4-gallon pack of Intimus shredder oil, as it will be easier to pour.

Manufacturer Name Intimus
Weight 5
Height 5.5
Width 5.5
Depth 9
Shipping Weight 5.0000
Shipping Length 9
Shipping Width 6
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