MBM Triumph 1030 Rotary Trimmer

MBM Triumph 1030 Rotary Trimmer

Features of the 1030 Kutrimmer Rotary Trimmer

  • Cutting length: 13"
  • Sheet capacity of 5 to 6
  • Table size (W x D): 13" x 6.5"
  • Fit for A4 size paper
  • Ergonomically designed safty cutting head with hardened steel rotary knife
  • Mm-scalable extendable bracket can be used as a gauge either front or back.
  • Hand clamp, independent of blade handle
  • Fold-away paper supports on front gauge for extra precision
  • Narrow-strip cutting device
  • Standard sizes displayed on table
  • Non-skid feet enhances safety and performance

The Kutrimmer 1030 paper cutter by MBM is one of our highest selling Kutrimmers, offering quality and safe performance.

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SKU: MBM1030 ISBN: 4019364081002
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Description of the MBM Triumph 1030 Tabletop Rotary Trimmer

The Ideal MBM Triumph 1030 is an ergonomically designed rotary trimmer for A4 paper sizes. Built with the user in mind, the 1030 is safe and easy to use, convenient desktop trimmer. And weighing in at only 1.5 lbs., this desktop trimmer can fit anywhere in the offices of print shops, homes, virtually anywhere it's needed. Easily place and use the 1030 with little to no hassle and a reliable performance.

Made in Germany, the Ideal MBM Triumph 1030 is built with solid materials built to last. The self sharpening blade is made of high quality hardened steel while the base is made of impact-resistant plastic material. The 1030 trimmer is also built with user safety as a priority. The blade is safely enclosed inside the safety cutting head and slides along the clamp bar for smooth cutting while the ergonomic design minimizes strain on hands.

Use the lightweight Ideal MBM Triumph 1030 as the perfect desktop option for light jobs, including crafts and simple office needs. Easily use the measurement bracket and surface scale on the cutting board to place your paper accordingly (use the built-in transparent protractor for angled cuts) under the clamp bar and run the safety cutting head down the length of the paper for a precise and accurate cut. The extendable bracket moves to adjust to paper size and secures the placement of paper sheets. Use the MBM  Triumph 1030 Trimmer for anything from scrapbooking (and other projects) to in-office jobs with photos, documents, and more with guaranteed quality.

Manufacturer Name MBM
Sheet Capacity 5
Table Size 6.5'' x 13'' (D x W)
Clamp Manual
Blade Type Guillotine
Cutting Length 13"
Model # 1030
Weight 1.54 lbs.
Height 2.4"
Depth 18.75"
Width 7.9"
UPC 4019364081002
Shipping Weight 1.5400
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