HSM V-Press 860 L (Discontinued)

HSM V-Press 860 L (Discontinued)

Basic Specs of the HSM V-Press 860 L

  • Produces recessed bales for easy transport without pallets
  • Hourly bale output: 1-2
  • Pressing power: 532 kN
  • Special retaining claws for optimized bale output
  • Stable press ram guidance
  • Double doors and hydraulic lock

The HSM V-Press 860 L makes bale transportation even easier with the elimination of the need for a pallet.


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Video Demo of the HSM V-Press 860 L

Description of the HSM V-Press 860 L

The design of the V-Press 860 L features unique profiles in the press ram, filling hatch, and the bale ejection door which create recesses in the bales allowing them to be easily transported without the use of pallet. The V-Press 860 L has an incredible pressing power of 54.25 tons. It utilizes fixed retaining claws which optimize compression along with a solid press ram with stable press ram guidance for the perfect bale every time. The Torsion Control System (HSM TCS) enables high process reliability. Operating the 860 L is done with the membrane keypad that features a text display for machine status and easy programming. With its unique recessed bales, the V-Press 860 L is both an economical and ecological solution to your company's baling needs.

Manufacturer Name HSM
Weight 4268
Height 117.5"
Width 70.75"
Depth 49"
Voltage 400 V

Shipping Weight 0.0000
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