HSM V-Press 860 Plus B


HSM V-Press 860 Plus B


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Basic Specs

  • Hourly bale output: 1-2
  • Pressing power: 60 tons
  • Special fixed retaining claws for optimized bale output
  • Sliding door with hand wheel door lock
  • Rapid stroke technology
  • Membrane keypad with text display
  • Made in Germany

The HSM V-Press 860 Plus B is one of 3 variations, (eco, plus and plus B). With a bale size of 60"x 31" x max 47", the 860 Plus B has the largest bale size of the 3. The 860 Plus B utilizes 60 tons of pressing power as well as flexible and fixed retaining claws for optimal compression. A soft touch membrane keypad with graphical display shows machine status and lets the user select the appropriate program for pressing either cardboard or plastic film. The V-Press 860 Plus B also has a sliding door with a hand wheel door lock.

Manufacturer Name HSM
Model V-Press 860 Plus B
Height 117.5 in
Width 82.1 in
Depth 61.9 in

Machine Weight 5,319 lbs
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