HSM V-Press 860 Plus
HSM V-Press 860 Plus balers_compactors HSM

HSM V-Press 860 Plus balers_compactors HSM

HSM V-Press 860 Plus

  • SKU: HSMVP860

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Basic Specs of the HSM V-Press 860 Plus

  • Hourly bale output: 1-2
  • Pressing power: 54.25 tons
  • Special retaining claws for optimized bale output
  • Made in Germany
The HSM V-Press 860 Plus is an economical and ecological option for heavy duty baling.

Video of the HSM V-Press 860

Description of the HSM V-Press 860 Plus

Available in three configurations (eco, plus, and max) the V-Press 860 has an incredible pressing power of 54.25 tons. This powerful baler utilizes low noise and energy saving technology. With features like special retaining claws which help to maximize compression and minimize loading actions the 860 Plus is both efficient and economical. A soft touch membrane keypad with text display shows machine status at a glance. The V-Press 860 Plus produces 1 to 2 bales per hour and is ideal for manufacturers and industry.

Manufacturer Name HSM

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