HSM V-Press 818 Plus (Discontinued)

HSM V-Press 818 Plus (Discontinued)

Basic Specs of the HSM V-Press 818 Plus

  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Driving Power: 4.02kW
  • Hourly bale output: 2-5
  • Small footprint
  • Hardened chrome-plate piston rod
  • Made in Germany
  • Low Installation height

The HSM V-Press 818 Plus has a variety of uses and can be easily transported for on-spot baling.

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Description of the HSM V-Press 818 Plus

The V-Press 818 is a larger baler with a relatively small footprint and optimal bale dimensions thanks to its innovative design. Perfect for on-site baling, the bales of the 818 are perfect for truck utilization and reduce transportation costs.

The V-Press 818 has an output of 2 to 5 bales per hour, bales may weigh up to 440lbs. This heavy duty baler has a low transport height so it can be easily relocated. It is also equipped with the Torsion Control System (HSM TCS) which continually monitors the pressing process for high processing reliability. The convenient membrane keypad can be used to program baling and monitor the machine status. Made in Germany, HSM is known for quality construction. The V-Press 818 Plus features a hard chrome-plated piston rod and hydraulics that guarantee machine longevity and low maintenance.

Manufacturer Name HSM
Weight 2273 lb
Height 93.3 in
Width 66.92 in
Depth 41.18 in
Voltage 208 V

Shipping Weight 0.0000
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