HSM Shredstar X6Pro Micro-Cut Shredder Level 4/P-5

HSM Shredstar X6Pro Micro-Cut Shredder Level 4/P-5

Basic Specs of the HSM Shredstar X6Pro Miceo-Cut Shredder

  • Security Level: 4/P-5
  • Sheet Capacity: 6
  • Shred Size:116 in x 58 in
  • Feed Opening: 8.7
  • Bin Capacity: 5.3 gal.

  • Features of HSM Shredstar X6PRO Micro-Cut Shredder

    • Anti-Jam technology
    • Reduce power consumption by 90% thanks to Energy Management Control system
    • Shreds type: paper, staples, paper clips, credit/store cards, and CDs/DVDs
    • Automatic start/stop
    • Full-bag indicator window

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ISBN: 096224652675

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Description of HSM Shredstar X6Pro Cross Cut Shredder

Simplicity at its finest, the HSM ShredStar X6pro Micro-cut Shredder is extremely functional and cost-effective. User-friendly at its core, the X6 Pro has a built in light barrier for automatic start / stop operation. Once the unit is in the auto mode, simply start feeding paper into the 8.7"opening. No more pressing and holding a button to destroy your files. The X6pro immediately halts shredding after the last sheet is detected. For user awareness, LED lights display operational status, including overload, bin full, and overheat. To combat pesky paper jams, this ShredStar uses Anti-Jam technology to reverse out paper that has been overloaded.

Flexible is another way to define this paper shredder. While the HSM ShredStar X6pro micro-cut chews through 6 sheets of paper at a time, there is a special separate slot for credit cards and CDs or DVDs! Doesn't matter if your paper is stapled or paper clipped: the X6pro's strong and durable cutting cylinder tears through these items without any trouble. Documents are transformed from solid sheets to   1/16" x   5/8" specs. These level 4/P-4 micro-cut particles fall directly into the 5.3 gallon waste container. No need to use a shred bag for these pieces. The bin is easy to empty by simply removing the top of the shredder. To check how full this bin is, users can peer through the small inspection area located on the front of the unit. A "bin full" indicator also illuminates to alert the user that it is time to be emptied. Paper particles fall into the main bin area, while credit card and CD pieces collect in a smaller divided container. This is extremely beneficial for recycling purposes, keeping paper and plastic residue separated.

To help cut down on energy costs, the HSM ShredStar X6pro features the Energy Management Control System, which reduces power consumption by up to 90% when the unit is in stand-by mode. Your home or private office will never be plagued by loud and distracting shredder sounds. This micro-cut shredder emits low noise levels during operation thanks to Whisper Shred technology. The X6pro is compact and convenient for home or personal office use. How compact? The ShredStar X6pro offers dimensions of 9.6" D x 13.6"W x 18.3" H and weighs just over 13 lbs. The HSM ShredStar X6pro grants data protection and reliability in a small package.

Manufacturer Name HSM
Throat Size/Feed Opening 8 ¾ in

Shred Speed(ft./min.) 8.27
Shred Size
  • Shred Size:116 in x 58 in
  • Bin Capacity(gallons) 5.3
    Security Level 4/P-5
    Cut Type Cross Cut
    Sheet Capacity 6 sheets
    NSA Evaluated N/A
    Shreds CDs/DVDs? Yes
    Shreds Credit Cards? Yes
    Shreds Paper Clips? Yes
    Shreds Staples? Yes
    Model # X6Pro
    Manufacturer Part Number 1046
    Weight(lbs) 13.2
    Height(inches) 17 ½
    Width(inches) 13 ½
    Depth(inches) 9 ⅖
    Voltage 120 V

    Shipping Weight(lbs) 16.5000
    Country of Origin China
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