HSM HDS 150-1 Hard Drive Shredder

HSM HDS 150-1 Hard Drive Shredder

Features of the HDS-150-1 Hard Drive Shredder

  • Covered by the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List for HDD destruction devices as an approved solution for the "deformation of magnetic media hard drive platters."
  • Destroys hard drives, CD's, floppy disks, USB sticks, chip cards, solid state drives, cell phones, backup media and other products
  • Energy saving, powerful unit that operates at a low noise level
  • Hardened solid steel cutting rollers
  • Low power energy savings mode after 5 minutes of idle running
  • Specific function modes for various types of materials
  • HEPA air filtration system and internal carbon-based pre-filter included
  • Automatic reverse to eliminate material jams
  • Castors for mobility
  • Removable waste container

SKU: HSMHDS150-1-1772-1 ISBN: 096224655508
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If you are looking for the next top of the line data destruction machine, look no further than the HSM Powerline HDS 150-1. HSM, the manufacturer for the HDS 150-1 has had many previous successes in the industry, including having the most sought after hard drive shredders in the world. The HDS 150-1 lets you exercise caution while you dispose your digital media storage. Thanks to the large slot on top of the machine, the HDS 150-1 lets you discard of computer hard drives, USB sticks, magnetic tapes, CD's, DVD's, BluRay discs, credit cards, cassettes, ID cards, floppy discs, and more. One of the most notable features of the 150-1 is it's ability to destroy 750 hard drives per hour! While most other hard drive shredders can only destroy hard drives up to 1" in thickness, the 150-1 can destroy electronic medias up to 3.5" in thickness  Based on its compact size, durable and practical HSM engineering, this machine is sure to lead sales in hard drive destruction equipment for many years.  According to the DIN 66399 security levels, the Powerline HDS 150-1 has T1, E2, and H3 security so you can be assured this machine will destroy your materials to the highest security standards of hard drive shredders. You won't find anything else this small or powerful when it comes to hard drive shredders. This heavy-duty shredder has a robust cutting unit made of HSM's legendary hardened solid steel all in a compact, modern design.

The HDS 150-1 has many favorable features. At just 1,646 pounds, the Powerline HDS is lightweight compared to other digital media destroyers.  Thanks to the easy to remove waste container, your debris can easily be emptied with ease and you can continue destroying your digital media storage with almost no interruption.  The HDS 150-1 has a powerful, energy-saving power unit that enables long operation at a very low noise level.  The Powerline 150-1 has a dBA rating of 57, which is about as noisy as an electric toothbrush! The automatic return feature eliminates any material jams that could possibly occur, so you have no worries about your materials being ineffectively destroyed. One of the most beneficial parts of this unit is the ability to plug it into a standard wall outlet.  This means you have a viable hard drive shredder option that is not confined to a remote corner of your warehouse. With dimensions that measure 43.5" H, 31.1" D, and 46.8" W, the HDS 150-1 will fit in any small room or office.

Manufacturer Name HSM
HSM Model #
HDS 150-1
HSM Part #
Shred Width
1.5" x Random
Throat Size
6.5" x 11.5" x 2.4"
Throughput per Hour
Up to 750 Hard Drives
Security Level DIN 66399
T-1 / E-2 / H-3
Weight 1,646 lbs
dB Rating
57 dB
Motor Power (Horsepower)
2 HP
Voltage/Frequency 120V / Dedicated 20 amp
Height 43.5"
Width 46.8"
Depth 31.3"
Media Hard Drives, CC #'s, CD/DVD, Floppies, USB Sticks, Solid State Drives, Backup Media, Cell Phones, Poker Chips, Mag Tape up to 3.5"
Hour Meter
Bin Full Signal
Auto Reverse
Casters Yes
Warranty 2 years parts, 90 days labor