HSM 64 Gallon Shred Bin Cart

HSM 64 Gallon Shred Bin Cart

Basic Specs of the HSM 64 Gallon Shred Cart

  • Tamper proof with Internal Lockjaw® locking system for secure disposal of documents
  • Protects 250 lbs. of highly sensitive documents, including hard drives, until shredding process
  • 8" rubber wheels for added convenience

The HSM 64 Gallon Shred Cart is a perfect solution for conveniently securing a large volume of highly sensitive documents and hard drives.

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SKU: HSM64G-I240L-64-LS-720D ISBN: 682
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The HSM 64 gallon (240L) shred cart is a heavy duty security container that can hold up to 250 lbs. of highly sensitive documents and hard drives before shredding takes place. It includes 8" rubber wheels for easier transportation and dumping. It features a one key system that ensures the opening of an Shredinator, PDC and console cart for quick and easy collection. Highly sensitive information is secured due to the shred cart's patent-pending Lock Jaw lid. The Lock Jaw lid is an external hasp locking system that disables any tampering or removal of hard drives or documents without the required key. This ensures protection of the highly sensitive materials until the documents are dumped for the shredding process.

The HSM shred cart's large capacity allows for less dumping out of materials and requires no bag. It includes a 3 1/16"W x 1 ¼"H ID badge to for easy identification and provides an office friendly design that blends in with any setting. The shred cart is very efficient and compatible with universal and Euro-lifters. It's 5 year warranty on all parts ensure quality design and materials which is also ideally used for plant-based shredders.

The HSM shred cart is an effective solution to securing highly sensitive documents and hard drives at a high volume. It is a slim storage bin that fits into small office space, yet secures a large amount of documents or paper. With the one key system, medium-sized wheels, and high capacity for securing highly sensitive documents, the HSM 64 gallon shred cart will provide an outstanding solution for your office.

Manufacturer Name HSM
Weight 31 lbs.
Height 42"
Width 23"
Depth 29"
Shipping Weight 1.0000
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