HSM 605 Eco Whitaker Brothers

HSM 605 Eco Whitaker Brothers

HSM V-Press 605 Eco

  • SKU: HSM605ECO

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  • Low installation height 
  • Special retaining claws for optimized bale output
  • Quick and easy press assembly
  • Mechanical bale ejector
  • Configuration: eco – double door with handwheel door lock
  • Hourly bale output: 3-6
  • Pressing power: 57kN


The HSM V-Press 605 is one of the more compact vertical balers in the HSM line. Its low installation height and smaller surface area mean it will fit in tighter spaces where larger balers can't. Don't let the smaller size fool you, the V-Press 605 features 57 kn's of pressing power and is able to output 3 to 6 bales per hour. It quickly compresses cardboard and foil into bales that can weigh up to 220lbs. Bales are automatically ejected directly onto pallets for easier transport. Safe and simple to use, the V-Press 605 features a hand wheel door lock and a membrane keypad which shows machine status. The V-Press 605 provides a quick and economical way to reduce cardboard and plastic foil volume by up to 95%.