HSM 314 Shredder Oil -16 oz Bottle

HSM 314 Shredder Oil -16 oz Bottle

HSM 314 Shredder Oil -16 oz Bottle Supplies HSM
1 - 16 oz bottle of HSM 314 shredder oil specially formulated for use with HSM shredders. Proper oiling is necessary to keep your shredder working smoothly.

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SKU: HSM314 ISBN: 096224642928
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For use with all HSM Shredders including: HSM 70.2, HSM 70.2cc, HSM 80.2, HSM 80.2cc, HSM 90.2, HSM 90.2cc, HSM 102.2, HSM 102.2cc, HSM 104.2, HSM 104.2cc, HSM 105.2, HSM 105.2cc, HSM 105.2 HS5, HSM 108.2, HSM 108.2cc, HSM 125.2, HSM 125.2cc, HSM 125.2 HS5, HSM 125.2 HS6, HSM 225.2, HSM 225.2cc, HSM 225.2 HS5, HSM 225.2 HS6, HSM B22s, HSM B22c, HSM B24s, HSM B24c, HSM B32s, HSM B32c, HSM B34s, HSM B34c

Manufacturer Name HSM
Weight 3 lbs.

Shipping Weight 3.0000
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