FP PostBase 45 Postage Meter

FP PostBase 45 Postage Meter

Features of the PostBase 45

  • The first-of-its-kind touch screen makes PostBase amazingly easy to use
  • Choose from six eye-catching colors to match your office's style
  • Change processing speed from 30 to 45 to 65 letters-per-minute with a simple software download
  • Integrated 5-15 lb scale automatically sets accurate postage amounts
  • Available automatic feeder/sealer dramatically reduces the time and effort required to process mail
  • Integrated label dispenser makes it easy to apply postage on packages
  • Whisper-quiet, smooth operation makes PostBase a pleasurable addition to your office
  • Track postage costs for between 5-200 departmental accounts
  • Add customizable message and ads to your indicia
  • Included PC software allows numerous postage presets, accounting and reporting options

This item is available on GSA contract

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The Postbase 45 is a very special low price, fully automatic solution for those who want an automatic postage machine without paying hundreds of dollars per month for it.

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Demo Video of the PostBase 45 Postage Machine

Description of the PostBase 45 Fully Automatic

The Postbase 45 is a very special low price, fully automatic solution for those who want an automatic postage machine without paying hundreds of dollars per month for it. As with all units in the PostBase series, it includes a full color touchscreen as a standard feature. The PostBase 45 Fully Auto comes standard with RemoteOne software for interfacing directly with a computer. Alternatively it can also plug directly into a LAN line to download postage or update rates in seconds rather than minutes. The PostBase 45 Fully Auto is the first in the PostBase lineup to include a sealing mechanism as a standard feature.The PostBase series is the only completely upgradable and downgradable system on the market. With other companies, you sign a document and commit yourself to years of the exact same postage machine. With PostBase, you have the flexibility to increase or decrease speed, scale capacity, account capacity, and differential weighting, and even make it fully automatic or semi automatic at any time! It is the only postage system on the market capable of growing and shrinking with your mailing needs. The PostBase series can also take not only the standard yield ink cartridges (up to 4,000 impressions), but also the much larger and more economical plus size cartridges (up to 22,000 impressions). In either case you will save hundreds of dollars per year on ink costs with the PostBase system. As with all postage machines, Whitaker Brothers is the only dealer to offer the Pay What You See Guarantee.

Compare all three models

PostBase 30 PostBase 45 PostBase 65
Color touchscreen Yes Yes Yes
Letter thickness 10mm 10mm 10mm
Label dispenser Yes Yes Yes
Letter tray Yes Yes Yes
Moistener Optional Yes N/A (handled by Feeder/Sealer)
Automatic feeder/sealer Optional Yes
Processing speed (pieces per minute) 30 45 65
Integrated scale, capacity in lbs 5lb (optional 10lb or 15lb) 10lb (optional 15lb) 15lb
Differential weighing Optional Optional Optional
External scale (NTEP) Optional 30lb/70lb Optional 30lb/70lb Optional 30lb/70lb
High speed postage download (LAN) Yes Yes Yes
Analog modem postage download Optional Optional Optional
Departmental security Yes Yes Yes
Portal access Yes Yes Yes
RemoteOne (PC control software) Yes Yes Yes
ReportOne (account management) Optional Optional Yes
MailOne (mail management & shipping) Optional Optional Optional
Accounts 5 (optional 10/20/50/100/200) 20 (optional 50/100/200) 50 (optional 100/200)
Customizable meter advertisements 12 20 30
Presets (Shortcuts) 3 10 20
Free standard meter advertisements Yes Yes Yes
Customizable SMS text messages 8 10 12

Manufacturer Name FP
Max Mail Thickness 10mm
Procesing Speed 45 pieces per minute
Postage Download LAN with optional Analog modem download
Print Technology HP Inkjet
Imprints Per Cartridge Up to 4,000
Integrated Scale Capacity 10lb. Options available for up to 15lb and external scales.
Accounts 20. Options available for up to 200 accounts.
Advertisements 20
Weight 45.00
Height 11.8"
Width 15.4"
Depth 48"
Voltage 115V
Shipping Weight 45.0000
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Q: I'm worried this will be too slow for my needs. What is your policy on upgrading?
A: If you think it's too slow there are options to crank it up to 65 pieces or 85 pieces per minute. It's a very reasonable one-time cost and the process is very quick, usually only taking about 24 hours. Speed should be the least important consideration when evaluating a postage machine though. As another reviewer said, if you put a stack of mail on the machine and walk away, who cares if it takes three minutes or five minutes to pull it all through?