FPi 700 Folder Inserter
FPi 700 Folder Inserter Whitaker Brothers
FPi 700 Folder Inserter Whitaker Brothers
FPi 700 Folder Inserter Whitaker Brothers

FPi 700 Folder Inserter Whitaker Brothers
FPi 700 Folder Inserter Whitaker Brothers
FPi 700 Folder Inserter Whitaker Brothers

FPi 700 Folder Inserter

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Keeping track of your pile of letters and invoices in the midst of a busy schedule can be challenging, and can add to a complicated mailroom process. However, the FPi 700 tabletop folder inserter system offers a solution to this challenge. This automated system is particularly suitable for small offices that frequently mail folded material, such as invoices, statements, promotional letters, and legal documents. The FPi 700 is a model of automated simplicity and flexibility, and allows users to feed, fold, insert, and seal their mail into various envelope sizes with ease.

By utilizing this powerful workhorse, businesses can streamline their mailing process and increase efficiency. The FPi 700 is designed to handle a variety of materials, making it a versatile option for offices with diverse mailing needs. The FPi 700 is a reliable and efficient solution for businesses seeking to optimize their mailing process.

Over 39 different jobs can be processed with the FPi 700. Choose from a variety of media types such as custom sizes, perforated and pre-folded paper, and large envelopes. It is also possible to do tri-fold brochures (three panels) without enclosing them in an envelope.

The FPi 700 was designed to be easily used by anyone without any training. Using the large color touchscreen, you can simply load paper and envelopes, place inserts and reply-paid envelopes, and set up multiple pages and inserts. Once the start button is pressed, the machine will fold, insert, and seal up to five sheets per feeder automatically using its modern features.

With its unique clamshell design and color touchscreen, the device continues to provide easy-to-use enhanced user experience features. Also, the machine can be maintained and serviced without needing to be moved.

By using PowerFold technology with the Fold Unit, you can create professional brochures, menus, and leaflets every time. Choose from 4 standard fold types, or manually adjust the fold plates using the touchscreen to fold sheets up to 120gsm.

In order to ensure data and document security when sending correspondence, the FPi 700 is equipped with a double-feed monitor. You can avoid accidentally sharing a client's or customer's information with another party through this feature.

Folding and inserting messages of all sizes, from postcards to standard business correspondence, can be performed at a rate of up to 1,350 items per hour. As well as folding and inserting stapled sheets into single envelopes, the FPi 700’s daily mail mode allows you to seal them and mail them, improving your mailroom efficiency.

Two document feeders and one supplement feeder provide maximum flexibility, and they each hold 100 sheets. In tandem mode, the two document stations can operate continuously even when the other station is empty. Therefore, you will not have to interrupt your mailing to reload your documents.

Key Details

  • Feeder stations: 3 media + envelope hopper
  • Processing speed (max): 1,650 not sealing, 1,350 sealing
  • Folding capacity: 5 sheets half-fold, 3 sheets letter-fold
  • Job memory capacity: 15
  • Dimensions (approx.): 26” x 17” x 22”
  • Weight: 81 lbs

Feeder stations 3 media + envelope hopper
Processing speed (Maximum)1,650 not sealing, 1,350 sealing
Folding capacity5 sheets half fold, 3 sheets letter-fold
Job memory capacity15
Dimensions (approx.) (L xW x H) 26" x 17" x 22"
Weight81 lbs.
Noise emission in dB (REF: ISO 11202) less than 65 dBA
Media and Document Feeder Capacity100 ea.
Length/Width3.5“ to 14“ x 5.6“ to 8.9“
Weight16-32 lbs.
Height/Width4.1“ to 6.4“ x 9.0“ to 9.5“
Feeder linkingYes
Process stapled setsYes
Collate sheets before foldingYes
Bottom addressesYes (with special envelope)
Folds: C, V, Double-V, No-foldYes
Piece counterYes


Ask a Question
  • Why do businesses use folder inserters?

    Folder inserters are primarily used to automate the placement of business correspondence into envelopes, thus improving efficiency and accuracy.

  • What is a folder inserter?

    When using envelope-filling machines, paper is inserted into envelopes. The folder-inserter is an envelope-filling machine that folds papers, stuffs them into envelopes, and seals them. As well as the number of pieces that can be put into an envelope, the volume per month varies.

  • I’m folding 2sheets and #9 and card into a #10 envelope. Will this machine work

    That is achievable with the FPi-700 however there are other models in the product line that would be able to do a better job. It will really depend on your jam tolerance and your intended volumes. You're stuffing a LOT of media inside of an envelope and the FPi-700 is a compact solution that doesn't leave much room for error. There are also envelope compatibilities that need to be considered - these machines work with one specific type of generic envelope and any other envelope type will increase jamming by 400% or worse.

    Folder-inserters are one of few product lines where it's really difficult to do the shopping without speaking to an expert in the field. I have lots of stories of people who googled their way through a folder-inserter purchase, bought something with four stars from Amazon, and it couldn't run a single thing they had planned for it. So feel free to contact us! In most cases ten minutes and you'll know the best model to handle your jobs.