Formax FD V-Stack 36 Vertical Stacker

Formax FD V-Stack 36 Vertical Stacker

Features of the Formax FD V-Stack 36 Vertical Stacker

  • Compatible with FD 2054, FD 2094/2084, 2200 Series AutoSeal, and FD 382, FD 38X Folders
  • Stacks up to 22 inches of processed documents vertically
  • Photo-eye activation
  • LED indicator
  • Interlock stops operation automatically when stacker is full
  • Processed pieces feeding smoothly thanks to six-ball roller deck and two guide wheels
  • Run-out switch
  • Extendable spring-loaded horizontal paper stop
  • Optional height-adjustable stand

The V-Stack 36 vertical stacker is designed to work with Formax high-capacity pressure sealers and tabletop folders by stacks forms vertically to unload for further processing.

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ISBN: 096224643413

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Video of the Formax FD V-Stack 36 Vertical Stacker

Descriptions of the Formax FD V-Stack 36 Vertical Stacker

The V-Stack 36 is a vertical paper stacker designed to work with Formax's high-capacity paper folders and pressure sealers including the FD 2054, FD 2094/2084, 2200 Series AutoSeal, and FD 382, FD 38X Folders. Directly connect the V-Stack to an output tray of a folding and/or sealing machine for one continuous operation. Instead of clearing out a small stack multiple times during the folding/sealing process, simply use the vertical stacker in tandem. Finished items roll pass through a six-roller deck and two guide wheels for smooth entrance into a larger stack. The spring loaded Horizontal Stop extends gradually as forms enter the stack. Simply wait as the V-Stack collects a stack up to 22" in height of folded paper using photo-eye activation. Adjust the Vertical Paper Stop to document lengths up to 7" in length to keep them level as they stack. The bigger, neat stack of finished pieces is easier to unload and keep organized for distribution. Available for certain models (FD 38X folders and FD 2054, FD 2094/2084 and 2200 Series pressure sealers), the interlock will automatically stop the stacker and source machine once a stack has reached full capacity. When the stacker is full, the LED lamp lights up to alert users to remove the stack. This means users can leave operations unattended for longer periods of time. Since output tray typically hold fewer pieces than the V-Stack, users would have to continuously remove smaller stacks to avoid overflow. Move and secure the V-Stack 36 with its locking casters and accommodate different models with the height adjustable stand. The V-Stack 36 makes collecting folded/sealed forms so simple. It's fast and convenient, allowing users to make most of their time without having to constantly monitor machine output. For questions about compatible models and more, contact a Whitaker Brothers representative today.

Manufacturer Name Formax
Model # V-Stack36
Depth 14.5"
Width 37.25"
Manufacturer Part Number V-Stack36
Weight 73 lbs
Height 16"
Voltage 110 V

Shipping Weight 73.0000
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