Formax FD 8904B Shredder-Baler Combo (Discontinued) Shredders Formax
Formax FD 8904B Shredder-Baler Combo (Discontinued) Shredders Formax
Formax FD 8904B Shredder-Baler Combo (Discontinued) Shredders Formax
Formax FD 8904B Shredder-Baler Combo (Discontinued) Shredders Formax

Formax FD 8904B Shredder-Baler Combo (Discontinued) Shredders Formax
Formax FD 8904B Shredder-Baler Combo (Discontinued) Shredders Formax
Formax FD 8904B Shredder-Baler Combo (Discontinued) Shredders Formax
Formax FD 8904B Shredder-Baler Combo (Discontinued) Shredders Formax

Formax FD 8904B Shredder-Baler Combo Level 2/P2 (Discontinued)

  • SKU: BESFD8904B
  • Security: Level 2/P-2
  • Sheet Capacity: 650 sheets*
  • Throat: 21"
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Basic Specs of the FD 8904

  • Security Level 2
  • Throat: 21"
  • Shred Size: 5/16" x 1 1/2" - 3"
  • Capacity: up to 650 sheets*
  • Speed: 35 ft/min
  • Electrical: 220V
  • Weight: 3,086 lbs
  • Dimensions: 19"H x 31"W x 22"D

Features of the FD 8904B

  • Belt-Feed Industrial Shredding System: Designed to shred entire files, stacks of computer forms, cardboard, tapes, ribbons, CDs and magnetic disks
  • LED Control Panel: Integrated digital load indicator and sensors
  • Front Waste Bin Access: Front cabinet door allows the shredder to be placed against a wall to maximize space savings
  • Auto Start/Stop Mode: Optical sensor detects paper and starts operation automatically
  • Manual Mode: Shredder operates continuously for shredding small sized paper or films
  • Door Safety Sensor: Motor stops automatically if cabinet door is opened
  • Auto Reverse: In case of paper jam, built-in controls switch motor into reverse to clear jam
  • EvenFlow™ Automatic Oiling System: Lubricates cutting blades for optimal performance
  • Continuous-Duty Motor for non-stop operation
  • Waste Bin Full Sensor: When the waste bin is full the motor stops automatically
  • Auto Cleaning: Allows the motor to run in reverse for one minute to clear shred particles
  • Self-Diagnosis System: Provides a variety of operational data with optional diagnostic reader
  • Heat-Treated Solid-Steel Cutters: Specially groundfor longevity and require minimal oiling
  • Large Safety Bar to stop operation
  • Mobile Waste Bin on casters
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Safety Circuit Breaker: Ensures safe operation
  • Safety Key and Lock: Provides maximum control of the shredder
The 8904CCB industrial shredder is a complete shredder + baler combo system. Built with the highest quality parts and manufacturing process, this shredder is as tough as it gets.

Description of The Formax FD 8904B Industrial Shredder and Baler

The Formax FD 8904B offers a perfect solution for high-volume shredding and convenient disposal of shredded material. This industrial conveyor-fed shredder and baler combination unit is powerful enough to undertake bulk materials efficiently and effectively. The heat-treated solid steel cutters power through stacks of computer forms, cardboard, tapes, ribbons, CDs, magnetic disks, and entire files. These steel cutters are specially ground to last for years. Shredding at a rate of approximately 650 sheets at a time, the FD8904B processes your materials at a speed of up to 35 feet per minute. Your once whole items are reduced to mere 5/16" x 1 ½"-3" particles.

The LED control panel features functions including auto/manual, stop/start, and reverse. Like many Formax shredders, the FD 8904 offers sensors located in the feed opening that detect materials and automatically triggers operation. Manual mode provides non-stop operation for shredding small sized paper or films. Auto Reverse recognizes paper jams, instantly switching into reverse until the problem is remedied and the jam is cleared. Notice a decrease in shred capacity? With the auto cleaning function, the motor runs in reverse for one minute to clear out any built-up shred particles. To keep this shredder running in peak condition, the Formax FD 8904B offers EvenFlow Automatic Internal Oiling System already installed. This oiling system automatically lubricates the cutting blades, keeping the shredder properly maintained.

An easy-to-read Load Indicator displayed on the panel identifies shred capacity. Operators are warned when nearing the maximum shred capacity, which helps to avoid potential jams and provide optimal efficiency. For user protection, a large orange safety bar located at the front of this unit can be pressed to instantly stop operation. An emergency stop button also appears on the 8904's control panel. A safety key lock also located on the control panel helps prevent unauthorized use of the shredder.

The Output Baler continually compacts shredded material, forming the shredded material into a manageable bale. These bales increase capacity and decrease the frequency of unloading the shredder. Sensors detect when the baler reaches full capacity and automatically ceases operation.

Manufacturer Name Formax
Throat Size/Feed Opening 21"
Shred Speed Up to 35 fpm
Shred Size 5/16" x 1 1/2" - 3"
Bin Capacity 110 to 154 gals
Oiler Semi Automatic
Security Level P-2
Cut Type Cross Cut
Sheet Capacity Up to 650 sheets*
NSA Evaluated N/A
Shreds Credit Cards? Yes
Shreds Paper Clips? Yes
Shreds Staples? Yes
Disclosures Capacity varies with grain, size, quality & paper weight and sufficient power supply.
** Please use actual HP as a specification for determining value. Use of Peak HP is for comparison purposes only where other than Actual HP is used.
Continuous Motor Yes
Model # FD8904B
Manufacturer Part Number FD 8904B
Weight 3,086 lbs.
Height 63"
Width 47"
Depth 129"
Voltage 220V

Shipping Weight 3086.0000
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