Formax FD 390 Paper Folder (Discontinued)
Formax FD 390 Paper Folder (Discontinued) Folders Formax
Formax FD 390 Paper Folder (Discontinued) Folders Formax

Formax FD 390 Paper Folder (Discontinued)

  • SKU: BESFD390
  • Max Paper Weight: 176.83 g/m²
  • Max Paper Size: 14" x 20"
  • Adjustment: Automatic
  • Feed Type: Air

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Features of the 390 Formax Folder

  • Fold type: feed
  • Variable speed of up to 35,000 sheets/hour
  • Bottom air feed system
  • Sheet capacity of 350
  • Paper size: 3 x 5 – 14 x 20 inches
  • Paper weight: up to 65 lb cover
  • Pre-programmed folds: letter, half, z-fold (fan), engineering (short z-fold), double parallel, French and double letter
  • Extended output stacker
  • Adjustable side guides (compensates for un-square paper stock)
  • 5-digit counter


Letter/Tri/C FoldHalf/Single FoldZ/Accordion/Zig Zag FoldDouble Parallel FoldFrench/Cross FoldEngineering/Short Z/Fold-Out/Half-Accordion FoldCross Letter Fold

Paper Weight Conversion Chart

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The Formax FD 390 air-fed paper folder is ideal for any high-volume folding environment. Its practical design saves time and space, and the 5-digit counter keeps track of folded documents. This heavy-duty paper folder is a good match for large mailrooms.

Video Demo of the Formax FD 390 Air Feed Paper Folder

Description of the Formax FD 390 Air Feed Paper Folder

Folding forms and print jobs is something that has to be done quickly and efficiently. Few print shops or mail houses are without a folding machine, and yet many are frequently frustrated with common problems when using them. Static causing jams, the constant need to empty the out feed tray, and the need to load the in feed are all examples of problems that cut down on efficiency. However, the Formax FD 390 Paper Folder has been designed to eliminate these issues that reduce productivity and increase worker frustration. The Formax FD 390 Paper Folder is a high speed unit that can tackle up to 35,000 pages per hour. It uses an air system on the infeed area, which provides a consistent supply of materials into the heavy duty folding plates. The use of the air system also means that constant jams due to static electricity and multiple pages are a thing of the past. The extended out feed stacker also means that no babysitting is required for the use of this machine as well.

While it is a very efficient machine thanks to the excellent and easy to use features, it is also a customizable unit. The Formax FD 390 Paper Folder features a large chart that directs users in how to set the fold plates for the seven most common folding formats. However, there are also micro adjustment knobs meant to help with fine tuning any special folds or paper sizes. The stopper position is also adjustable to generate the most accurate results as well. Built on a rugged frame, the Formax FD 390 Paper Folder relies on steel fold plates, sealed ball bearings to help avoid the need for ongoing maintenance and lubrication, and an automatic roller tension system that adjust to varying paper thicknesses. This helps with setup times and extends the lives of the rollers substantially.

With a hopper capacity of 350 sheets and accepted paper sizes up to 20"x14", this is clearly a good option for professional settings of all kinds. At more than three hundred pounds in total weight, it is not a portable machine, but it is compact enough to sit on a durable counter or to serve as a major resource in printing shops, mailing houses, and mail rooms for larger or corporate settings. When reliable results, flexibility, and low maintenance are what you need in a paper folder, this unit is a good choice.


  • Only Formax folder with air feed system.
  • Durable, strong machine; heavy-duty fold plates.

Manufacturer Name Formax
Model # FD 390
Feed Type Air-fed
Fold Adjustment Setting Automatic fold adjustment
Feed Tray Capacity Up to 350
Fold Speed 35,000 sheets/hour
Fold Types Letter Fold, Half Fold, Fan Fold, Double Parallel Fold, French Fold, Double Letter Fold, Engineering Fold (Short Z Fold)
Pre-programmed Standard Folds 6
Variable Speed Yes
Counter Yes
Accepted Paper Sizes 3'' x 5'' to 14'' x 20''
Accepted Paper Weights Up to 65 lbs.
Weight 310 lbs.
Height 27''
Width 49''
Depth 24 1/2''
Voltage 110 Volts; other voltages available

Shipping Weight 378.0000
Shipping Length 29
Shipping Width 49
Shipping Height 53
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