Destroyit Degausser & HDP Hard Drive Punch Degaussers MBM Ideal
Destroyit Degausser & HDP Hard Drive Punch Degaussers MBM Ideal
Destroyit Degausser & HDP Hard Drive Punch Degaussers MBM Ideal

Destroyit Degausser & HDP Hard Drive Punch Degaussers MBM Ideal
Destroyit Degausser & HDP Hard Drive Punch Degaussers MBM Ideal
Destroyit Degausser & HDP Hard Drive Punch Degaussers MBM Ideal

MBM Destroyit Degausser & HDP Hard Drive Punch (Discontinued)

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  • GTIN/UPC: 9358476097552

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Destroyit Degausser/HDP Specs

Degausser unit:

  • Erasing area size: 1-1/2"(H) x 4-1/4"(W) x 6"(D)
  • Degaussing cycle: 60 seconds
  • Degausser system: capacitive discharge
  • Magnetic field: 8,700 Oe / .87 Tesla

Hard drive punch unit:

  • Hard drive sizes: 2-1/2" or 3-1/2"
  • Punch cycle: 15 seconds
  • Security level: H-3
  • Punching die made of hardened, nickel-plated steel

"SPS" (Safety Protection System) package:

  • Electronic, transparent safety shield in HDP opening
  • "Easy switch"
  • Auto reverse/stop/power-off
  • Double protection against overheating (HDP unit)
Whitaker Brothers has combined the NSA listed 105 Hard Drive Degausser with a Hard Drive Punch (not on the NSA EPL) to effectively erase and physically destroy your hard drive data in less than one minute.

Description of the Destroyit Degausser/Hard Drive Punch

The Destroyit Degausser/Hard Drive Punch combined unit features one opening for degaussing hard drives, and another opening for punching a hole through the hard drive to finalize information erasure. Both units are single-feed operational. The "SPS" (Safety Protection System) package includes various features that protect both the user and the machine from a certain degree of harm. In addition to the user-friendly "Easy Switch" system with color-coded and backlit icon indicators reflecting the status of the machine, and the electronic, transparent safety shield in the HDP opening, this Degausser/HDP combo also features auto reverse in case of a jam, auto stop after punching, and auto power-off when the bin is either full or opened.

The Degausser unit beams the inserted hard drive with an all-encompassing 0.87-Tesla magnetic field, ensuring that all data stored in the hard drive are erased. This unit features a digital status indicator, field strength verification, extremely quiet operation due to no moving parts, and continuous operation, no cooling necessary. The hard drive is easily inserted into a red container, which is then inserted into the degausser for the magnetic field treatment. Once the degaussing is finished, the hard drive can be removed in one piece. This degausser unit is also available as a stand-alone unit.

The HDP (Hard Drive Punch) unit takes care of the physicality of the destruction process, punching a hole through the hard drive with a hardened, nickel-plated die of steel. This HDP is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and CE certified, featuring an adjustable feed chute and a user-friendly lever for selecting the hard drive size (either 2-1/2" or 3-1/2"). The punching compartment is also removable via a smooth slider mechanism. LEDs illuminate the feed chute during the punching process, and the destroyed hard drive is deposited into a sturdy plastic bin. The quiet and powerful single-phase motor is rated for continuous motion, and drives a sturdy "twin drive system" with dust-proof gear box housing.

More About the Destroyit Degausser/Hard Drive Punch

The DestroyIt Degausser & Hard Drive Punch is a machine that features a two step destruction process. First, the unit is degaussed with a 0.87-Tesla magnetic field, virtually erasing all sensitive data. Then, the unit is physically destroyed with a hardened nickel-plate steel die. This unit comes with MBM's famous comprehensive safety package which includes an easy switch control panel with illuminated color codes, symbols which indicate the operational status, and an emergency stop switch. The electronically controlled transparent safety shield located at the feed opening, and the automatic power shut off when cabinet door is ajar, will keep users saf
operation. This machine is able to effectively degauss hard drives, high coercivity tape medias (including LTO, Super DLT I & II, AIT, 3590 Series, and 8 mm). With a cycle time of less than one minute, and continuous operation with no cooling necessary, the DestroyIt Degausser & HDP is a great choice for those interested in degaussing and physical destruction.


Manufacturer Name MBM
Erasure Capabilities Laptop, desktop, network, high coericivity tape media (including all formats of LTO, Super DLT I/II, AIT, 3590 Series, 8mm and more)
Magnetic Field Intensity 0.87 Tesla
Duty Cycle Continuous
Weight 247 lbs
Height 33-1/2"
Depth 18-1/2"
Width 19-1/2"
Voltage 115 V

Shipping Weight 247.0000
Shipping Length 23
Shipping Width 36
Shipping Height 27
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