Destroyit 2445 SMC High Security Paper Shredder Level 6/P7

Destroyit 2445 SMC High Security Paper Shredder Level 6/P7


  • Security Level: P7
  • Sheet Capacity: 5 - 7
  • Shred Speed: 14ft per min
  • Particle Size: 1/32" x 3/16"
  • Horsepower: 1/2
  • Hardened steel cutting shafts with a lifetime warranty
  • Patented safety shield
  • Multi function Easy Switch

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SKU: MBM2445SMC ISBN: 04019364546617
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The Destroyit 2445 SMC Level P-7 High-Security Shredder has a comprehensive SPS safety package: Easy Switch control element uses illuminated color icons and symbols to indicate operational status and functions as an emergency stop switch; patented, electronically controlled, transparent safety shield in the feed opening; automatic power cut-off when cabinet is opened or shred bin is full; automatic reverse and power cut-off when overfed; double protection against overheating; Zero Energy Consumption sleep mode cuts off power supply after 30 minutes of inactivity. Automatic start and stop controlled by photo cell. High quality, hardened steel cutting shafts. Meets all NSA/CSS specifications and is DOD approved. 1 year warranty on the cutting shafts. Quiet and powerful single phase motor. Fully enclosed gear box housing. High quality wooden cabinet mounted on casters. Convenient, environmentally friendly shred bin does not require disposable shred bags.

The Destroyit 2445 SMC brings power, high level security and reliability to a compact, easy to use deskside shredder. The 2445 SMC will shred up to 7 sheets of paper at one time, creating 1/32” x 3/16 particles, meeting level P-7 security requirements.

On the outside, the 2445 SMC features an electronically controlled safety shield which prevents fingers from getting to the feed opening, a multifunction Easy Switch that shows operation status and acts as an emergency stop switch. Photo cell controlled auto start / stop as well as automatic power cut off when the shred bin is full or the cabinet door is opened. This energy efficient shredder also has Zero Energy Consumption sleep mode which cuts all power the shredder after 30 min of inactivity.

Paper jams can be easily avoided thanks the Smart Shred Control icon which is very simple to interpret. When the smiley is shining green, everything is working well. When the smiley is flashing, the shredder has reached its maximum capacity, just open the shredder and empty the bin to begin shredding again. Another distinctive feature of this machine is the patented safety shield. It keeps all users safe by shielding the opening from any non-shredable materials that come close to the feed. In case of overfeeding, the 2445 also has automatic reverse and auto power cut off. The 2445 also features a built in 9 gallon shred bin that can be used with or without bags for your convenience. The feed opening on this shredder is 9.5” and only necessitates 115 V electrical requirements. With dimensions of 11 ¾” D x 15 ½ W x 28 ¾” H, this deskside shredder is the best and most compact way to make sure your sensitive documents are being thoroughly destroyed to the highest security standards.

Inside the 2445 SMC are hardened steel cutting shafts, a single phase motor and a fully enclosed gear box for reliable, solid performance. It’s all housed in a sturdy wooden cabinet mounted on casters for mobility.

DestroyIt 2445 SMC Features

Solid Steel Cutting Shafts
High grade, hardened steel cutting shafts are milled in DestroyIt's Balingen, Germany factory and warranted for life.

Easy Switch
Ease of operation: intelligent multifunction switch element with integrated optical signals indicating the operational status.

Patented Safety Flap
Extremely Safe: electronically controlled safety flap in the feed opening to keep fingers, ties, or other objects away from the cutting shafts.

Convenient Shred Bin

The environmentally-friendly shred bin can be removed easily and cleanly from the cabinet. The bin can be used with or without a disposable shred bin.

Automatic Functions
Tried and tested: Reliable printed circuit board controlling all automatic functions of the shredder including the energy saving mode.

SSC - Smart Shred Control
That's fun- shredding without paper jams! The smiley has a capacity control function: if it shines green, everything is okay. If the smiley flashes, the shredder has reached it's capacity limit.