Datastroyer MVSSD-Spike Solid State Drive Destroyer
Datastroyer MVSSD-Spike Solid State Drive Destroyer Other Whitaker Brothers
Datastroyer MVSSD-Spike Solid State Drive Destroyer Other Whitaker Brothers
Datastroyer MVSSD-Spike Solid State Drive Destroyer Other Whitaker Brothers
Datastroyer MVSSD-Spike Solid State Drive Destroyer Other Whitaker Brothers

Datastroyer MVSSD-Spike Solid State Drive Destroyer

  • GTIN/UPC: 096224651739

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Basic Specs of the Datastroyer MVSSD-Spike

  • Maximum Media Size: 5.75" x 4" x 1.25"
  • Destruction Chamber Capacity: 1 full size SSD, 2 laptop SSDs
  • Designed to Destroy: SSDs, cell phones, circuit boards, PDAs

Features of the Datastroyer MVSSD-Spike

  • Portable size, easy to transport and put on the desktop
  • Unbeatable 40,000 lbs. (20t) force in this hydraulic crusher
  • Crush and mangle media making data completely unreadable
  • Speedy but quality media destruction in less than half a minute
  • Simplistic, automatic and hands-free operation
  • Debris collection drawer collects destroyed digital media safely
  • Fit for cell phone and PDA destruction as well
  • Electric jolt to disable sensitive electronic components
Computer solid-state drive destroyer helps you destroy digital data in less than 30 seconds.

Video of the Datastroyer MVSSD-Spike

Description of Datastroyer MVSSD-Spike

The Datastroyer MVSSD -1 delivers top performance of solid state drive destruction, and now it comes with even more destructive capabilities. The MVSSD-Spike uses 20 tons of force to destroy solid state drives between two plates of 187 interlocking razor sharp, steel teeth and the fatal jolt of an electrical surge. In the same convenient desktop size, the MVSSD-Spike offers even more destructive measures to ensure information safety and peace of mind. Just as the crushing plates mangle and warp the physical surface of SSDs, the electric spike fatally disables the electrical components. Any memory chip (or other electronic component) is then unreadable and simultaneously crushed. The MVSSD-Spike is made right here in the USA with hardened steel and patented technology. The MVSSD-Spike is currently under NSA review and waiting for approval for its top-of-the-line performance and ability.

The MVSSD-Spike guarantees complete destruction of cell phones, circuit boards, memory cards, PDAs, and of course SSDs with the added jolt of electricity. The MVSSD-Spike concentrates SSD destruction to any office or desk, increasing security by eliminating exchanges and chain-of-custody risks. And to make cleanup easier, the optional chute accessory gets rid of the bin and manual emptying for completely hands off use, not to mention the fully automated process that makes it easy to use. But even without the chute, the MVSSD-Spike destroys in an incredible 30 seconds. The blades and plates never need to be sharpened or replaced, and debris can still be easily thrown away using the collection bin (users never have to come into direct contact with sharp debris). The MVSSD-Spike is effortless and fast, without sacrificing performance with an extra electric jolt to thoroughly disable all parts of solid state media.

Manufacturer Name Datastroyer by Whitaker Brothers
Punching Cycle 30 sec
Depth 19 inches
Width 12 inches
Manufacturer Part Number MVS-500-01
Weight 160 lbs.
Height 25 inches
Voltage 120 VAC 15A
Warranty Click here to view warranty
Shipping Weight 185 lbs.
Shipping Length 22
Shipping Width 15
Shipping Height 30


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