Datastroyer MVSSD-2 Solid State Drive Destroyer

Datastroyer MVSSD-2 Solid State Drive Destroyer

Features of the Datastroyer MVSSD-2

  • Portable size, easy to transport and put on the desktop
  • Unbeatable 40,000 lbs (20t) force in this hydraulic crusher
  • Crush and mangle media making data completely unreadable
  • Quality media destruction in less than half a minute
  • Simplistic, automatic and hands-free operation
  • Cell phone and PDA destruction as well
  • Debris collection drawer collects destroyed digital media safely

Basic Specs of the Datastroyer MVSSD-2D

  • Maximum Media Size: 5.75" x 4" x 1.25"
  • Destruction Chamber Capacity: 1 full size SSD, 2 laptop SSDs
  • Designed to destroy: SSDs, cell phones, circuit boards, PDAs

SSD destroyer helps you destroy digital data in less than 30 seconds.

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Description of Datastroyer MVSSD-2

The MVSSD-2 is a powerful desktop destroyer that applies destructive force to shatter entire surfaces and memory chips, preventing unauthorized data access and making recovery almost impossible. Flash memory storage chips, circuit/controller boards, and cellphones can all be decimated with the MVSSD-2 with the push of a button. The MVSSD-2 is equipped with crushing plates with 187 interlocking hardened steel teeth that pierce and warp solid-state drives. With a 20 ton force of proprietary hydraulic power, solid state drive surfaces are completely mangled in 30 seconds. The MVSSD-2 punctures and serrates the data-central, ceramic memory chips that can house sensitive and important data.

The MVSSD-2 is user friendly, with easy loading and ejection. Thanks to its completely automated process, users simply load a solid state drive and the MVSSD-2 will crush then expel debris into a convenient collection bin. Once destroyed, debris can be recycled from the collection bin, which can hold up to 12 computer drives or 20 laptop drives. In addition, users never have to come in contact with sharp debris. User safety is also guaranteed by the MVSSD-2's lock-out doors that prevent the machine from engaging unless all doors are completely closed, preventing hands or clothing from getting caught in the crushing chamber. The hardened steel plates never need replacing and there are no blades to replace or sharpen. Its convenient size allows for easy desktop deployment in an office or server room.

Manufacturer Name Datastroyer by Whitaker Brothers
Punching Cycle 30 sec
Depth 19"
Width 12"
Manufacturer Part Number MVS-500-01
Weight 160 lbs
Height 25"
Voltage 120 VAC 15A
Shipping Weight 185.0000
Shipping Length 22
Shipping Width 15
Shipping Height 30
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