Cumberland X1400 Central Granulator Granulators Cumberland
Cumberland X1400 Central Granulator Granulators Cumberland

Cumberland X1400 Central Granulator Granulators Cumberland
Cumberland X1400 Central Granulator Granulators Cumberland

Cumberland X1400 Central Granulator

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  • GTIN/UPC: 9358476098948

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Features of the Cumberland X1400 Central Granulator

  • Unique rotor and disc design reduces frictional heat, helps prevent end plate smearing
  • Exclusive Twinshear™ slicing action reduces energy consumption, fines and extends knife life
  • Split chamber, easy clean-out service access
Cumberland's X Series: one of the most versatile central granulators available. It's suited for applications including large injection or blow molded parts, automotive moldings, light purgings, and furniture and appliance parts.

Description of the Cumberland X1400 Central Granulator

Cumberland is a recognized name in granulator equipment and their X Series is an innovative solution to tough to handle materials. One of the most common problems with rejects or scrap from blow and injection molded parts is the fact that their polymers can begin to melt or smear in standard cutting chambers. This is because they are ground more than they are cut. The Cumberland X1000 Central Granulator eliminates this problem in several ways. First, this granulator uses HCHC knives in a three and two chevron pattern (three on the rotor and two in the beds) to create a scissor like cutting of the materials. This requires lower amounts of energy and generates almost no heat. The second way that melting is eliminated is through the rotating end discs that reduce or eliminate friction and allow for adequate air flow. The process runs cool and results in cut rather than ground granulate and this prevents the issue of melting and smearing. In addition to this technology, the Cumberland X1000 Central Granulator features a powerful 125 HP motor that relies on a v-belt drive to function. It can tackle some of the toughest materials and yet still meet the 3500 pound throughput rate because of the onboard technologies.

The design of this machine enables easy cleaning and screen replacement. The cutting chamber is split and lifts open to give direct access to the cradle. The discharge assembly is also accessed through this region too. There is no need to disconnect the Airveyor for maintenance or cleaning. The split chamber also allows for immediate knife adjustments and replacements. This design simplifies things to such a degree that many say it requires around 50% less time to maintain than many other units. The Cumberland X1000 Central Granulator can also be upgraded with additional accessories or some standard options. These include the use of various or multiple hopper designs, conveyors, blowers, cyclone separators, adjustable rotor knives, and replaceable rotor knife seats. If you find yourself dealing with the hassles of smearing and polymer melting or with too much energy consumption for the processing of challenging materials, this system can deliver an optimal solution. It can be easily customized to suit your specific applications, but it can also be relied upon as a predictable, powerful, and efficient unit just as it stands. It is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and uses innovative design that ensures great results.


  • Multiple hopper designs
  • Adjustable rotor knives
  • Replaceable rotor knife seats

Line Drawings & Dimentions for X Series Granulators

56" (1424 mm)86" (2184 mm)12" (305 mm)

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Max Throughput 3500 lbs./hr. (1600 kg./hr.)
Feed Opening/Throat Size 24" x 56" (600 x 1400 mm)
Cutting Chamber 2-bed knife, Twinshear
Rotor 3-knife Twinshear
Rotor Knives HCHC, 55 °, steep angle
Screen 3/8" dia., swing down
Base Airveyor
Discharge 12" Airveyor Chute
Drive Parts V-Belt
Accessories Blower, separator, common stand
Model # X1400
Weight 16,000 lbs. (7279 kg.)
Warranty N/A
Shipping Weight 7270.0 lbs.
Shipping Height N/A


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