Cumberland CT-50120 Tangential Granulator (CT500 Series)

Cumberland CT-50120 Tangential Granulator (CT500 Series)

Features of Tangential Series Granulators

  • The CT500 Series includes 28"(715mm), 36"(915mm) and 48"(1220mm ) wide models for a wide range of applications
  • Motor range includes 40hp(30kW), 50hp(37kW), 60hp(45kW), 75hp(55kW), and 100hp(75kW) TEFC motors
  • Offset cutting chamber, 2 Twinshear™ bed knives, top access: single edge, HCHC
  • Cutting chamber geometries are available for tangential, offset, and 3-bed knife orientations
  • Standard configuration is sound suppressed, with option for full sound enclosed configuration
  • Large 20"(500mm) cutting circle for enhanced part ingestion
  • Innovative design creates enlarged screen area via segmented swing-down reversible screens which provides optimized accessibility, increased throughput and minimal clean out/maintenance access time
  • Industry leading unique design enhances safety measures
  • Rotational side walls prevent friction and smearing. Outboard bearing mounting increases bearing protection to the highest level, and simplifies maintenance
  • Open wing rotor rotor style enhances throughput while increasing cutting performance
  • Mechanical rotor lock for maintenance
  • Air purge bearings for cooling and contamination

The CT500 Tangential Series central granulator offers superior quality and performance with ease of accessibility.

SKU: NDSCT-50120 ISBN: 9358476070609
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Description of the Cumberland CT-50120 Tangential Granulator (CT500 Series)

The Cumberland CT500 Series is designed to offer power, performance, and flexibility. The Cumberland CT-50120 Tangential Granulator is the largest in the series and is capable of a throughput rate of roughly 3500 pounds per hour. It is designed with a variety of applications in mind. It features a large 20" x 48" cutting chamber that works with the massive 20" cutting circle to generate optimal granulate. The rotor features the standard three knife open rotor design and works with the offset bed knives (two Twinshear single edge, HCHC blades) to guarantee quality and results. The cutting chamber can be oriented for the client's needs and can work as the tangential (in line), offset, or the three bed orientation. The discharge can be directed to either side of the machine and the motor can be installed where most suited for the tasks at hand.

Materials are run through the unique screen area that has been enlarged and made easily accessible via a special swing down access. This is safe and ensures optimal uptime, as does the special hopper with access on either side, the mechanical rotor lock, and the other design features meant to ensure easy maintenance and care. The TEFC motors also use air purge bearings for cooling and to eliminate risks of bearing contamination.Cumberland CT-50120 Tangential Granulator is meant to be a reliable workhorse and to be customizable to the specific needs of the system. It is also easily customized in terms of additional power or alternative functions. Consider that the standard motor is the 75HP model, but this can be easily upgraded to a 100HP version. The blades can be arranged to suit the needs of the manufacturer and the motor can be mounted as desired. It can also be ordered with full sound enclosed configuration for those who want more than the standard sound suppression functions and enclosure.The need for reliable granulation can be answered with the use of the Cumberland CT-50120 Tangential Granulator. It is the largest in the entire CT500 Series and it can be found in a range of designs and configurations to ensure the best results. It is a reliable "workhorse" and is going to ask for very little downtime in order to perform essential maintenance.


 Line Drawings & Dimensions for CT-50120 Series Granulators

48" (1220mm)102.4" (2600mm)10" (254mm)52" (1320mm)

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Max Throughput 3500 lbs/hr (1575 kg/hr)
Cutting Chamber 20" x 48" (508mm x 1220mm)
Rotor 3 or 5 knife, open rotor
Model # CT-50120
Shipping Weight 0.0000
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