Cumberland C1000H Central Granulator (H Series) (Discontinued)

Cumberland C1000H Central Granulator (H Series) (Discontinued)

Features of the Cumberland C1000H Central Granulator (H Series)

  • Internal surfaces machined for ease of clean out and material flow
  • Heavy-duty, outboard mounted, double roller bearings
  • Designed for high-capacity central reclaim
  • 15, 18, 21 and 25-knife rotor
  • Handles a wide variety of applications including extruder purgings, sheet pipe scrap and other high torque applications

The H Series units were developed over many years, to perfect the process of reclaiming purgings, patties, and the extremely heavy cross section material forms.

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Description of the Cumberland C1000H Central Granulator (H Series)

The Cumberland C1000H Central Granulator can tackle heavy cross section material forms, purgings of all kinds, and patties too. It has a large 18" x 37" throat and a 16" cutting circle. It relies on a high shear rotor (in the open, three blade style) that is equipped with HCHC staggered blades which interact with the two sturdy HCHC blades in the machine bed. The motor provides 100HP and is supported by the heavy duty double roller bearings that are outboard mounted to ensure that no contamination occurs. It is constructed from some of the heaviest duty materials available, and the internal surfaces have all been heavily machined to ensure that cleaning and maintenance are easy but also to be certain that materials flowed smoothly. Since this is a high capacity unit, materials move at speeds much higher than normal. This is to give consistent results, but it also means that some systems may need water cooling in the chamber to avoid polymer melt or smearing. This is something that is done as an option and is not a standard feature.

Materials head into the unit via conveyor and descend through the center of the machine (covering a 104" feed height). The Cumberland C1000H Central Granulator is controlled by standard safety switches that are hard wired to the junction box and everything is discharged via the standard airveyor.Though simple in design and form, this is a true performance machine. It is relatively easy to maintain however due to the double roller bearings being mounted on the exterior of the machine and the screen being readily accessible from the exterior. The interior machining as said will facilitate maintenance and processing. The Cumberland C1000H Central Granulator is a great choice for any firm that requires reclamation of some of the toughest materials. It will deliver reliable and uniform output and will operate in a way that will easily meet demands and without a lot of frustration or hassles.

 Line Drawings & Dimentions for H Series Granulators

107 3/4" (2736.9 mm)40 1/8" (1019.2 mm)44 7/8" (1139.8 mm)10" (254.0 mm)

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Max Throughput 3000 lbs./hr. (1363 kg/hr)
Feed Opening/Throat Size 20 1/2" x 40" (520mm x 1000 mm)
Cutting Chamber 2 bed knife, Raised D/S
Rotor 15-knife helical hog
Rotor Knives HCHC, Hog type
Screen 3/8" dia., HT, swing down
Base Airveyor
Discharge 10" Airveyor chute
Drive Parts V-belt, dual flywheels
Accessories Blower, separator
Model # C1000H
Weight 14,000 lbs. (6360 kg)
Shipping Weight 14000.0000