Cumberland 818X Beside-The-Press (800X Series) Granulator (Discontinued) Granulators Cumberland
Cumberland 818X Beside-The-Press (800X Series) Granulator (Discontinued) Granulators Cumberland

Cumberland 818X Beside-The-Press (800X Series) Granulator (Discontinued) Granulators Cumberland
Cumberland 818X Beside-The-Press (800X Series) Granulator (Discontinued) Granulators Cumberland

Cumberland 818X Beside-The-Press (800X Series) Granulator (Discontinued)

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Features of Cumberland 800X Series Granulator

  • Pivoting hopper, drop down removable screen cradle and machine, bolted cutting chamber simplifies cleaning and maintenance
  • Low profile, sound-attenuated in-feed system for robot, hand or conveyor feed applications
  • HCHC knives manufactured in-house utilizing Cumberland’s proprietary process for heat treating ensures durability and long life
  • Over-sized solid flywheel
  • Cutting Circle: 8.2" dia.(210mm)
The 800X Series granulators are ideal for reject components from the injection, blow molding, and extrusion processes.

Description of the Cumberland 818X Beside-The-Press (800X Series) Granulator

Renowned for their powerful and reliable line of granulators, Cumberland offers the 818X Beside-The-Press, the largest granulator in the 800X Series. This is a series of compact and portable granulators ideally suited for those in need of a size reduction tool for their injection, blow molding, or extrusion rejects. Though the Cumberland 818X Beside-The-Press is compact in size, it has a cutting chamber of 8" x 18" and a hefty 10HP TEFC motor. It is a low speed granulator, which means that robotic, conveyor, and hand feeding are all acceptable delivery options for the pivoting hopper. The wheeled base makes this relatively light weight unit a perfect solution for a diversity of settings. The low profile of the machine, along with the sound attenuating technologies, allows the Cumberland 818X Beside-The-Press to be safely and easily operated in many locations. Because of its low speed, it relies on a solid flywheel to overcome any moments of inertia when handling difficult materials, and coupled with sound attenuating features, this makes it an extremely resourceful.

Controls are NEMA Type 12, which feature simple start and stop push buttons as well as safety interlocks. The easy-access panels provide safety as well. Add to all of this the fact that the unit has three HCHC knives that are specially crafted with Cumberland's heat treating processes to guarantee long use and durability and you begin to see the wisdom in acquiring this compact machine for an appropriate location. The system can be easily cleaned and maintained through the drop down screen cradle and the bolted cutting chamber, and the simple discharge function sends the granulate into a standard bin.

Though it is a complete solution as is, the Cumberland 818X Beside-The-Press can also be optimized with some standard upgrades. These include more powerful motors that range from 7.5 to 10 HP, vacuum takeoff discharges ranging in size from 1.25" to 2.5", modular feed chutes for optimal use and safety, and even upgraded knives that use D2 components and wear resistant finishes. Whether you are processing volumes of reject materials or you want to handle batches of abrasive materials, the Cumberland 818X Beside-The-Press can easily be wheeled to various locations and will tackle your needs effectively and efficiently. The durability of the system components makes this an affordable and easy to maintain system too.


  • Motor: 7.5 to 10 HP (5.5 to 7.5 kW) TEFC motors
  • Discharge: 1.25", 1.5", 2", or 2.5" vacuum take-off
  • Knives: D2 components and wear-resistant package for abrasive applications
  • Modular feed chutes

Line Drawings & Dimentions for 800X Series Beside-the-Press Granulators

34.3" (871mm) 14.2" (360mm) 16.3" (414mm) 20.5" (520mm)

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Max Throughput 221 lbs/hr (100 kg/hr)
Cutting Chamber 8" x 18" (203mm x 457mm)
Rotor 3-knife open-scooped with rotating end discs
Rotor Knives 3 (HCHC)
Base Full machine sound enclosure with casters
Discharge Manual bin standard
Model # 818X
Weight 1610 lbs (730kg)
Height 59.4" (1507mm)
Width 38.3" (973mm)
Depth 45.0" (1144mm)
Shipping Weight 1610.0000
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Q: What sized screens does this model come with? Is this model capable of chipping/granulating 1 Liter HDPE bottles (approx 3-3/4" dia X 10" lg) at a rate of 10 each every 20 seconds feed rate?Goal is 3/16" granules output at the above listed rate.
A: This can come with whatever size screen you want it to! One comes automatically with the granulator, and additional ones can be purchased. We've done sizes as large as 1" holes, all the way down to government high security 3/32" screen.


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