Cumberland 6512 Beside-The Press Granulator (65 Series) Granulators Cumberland
Cumberland 6512 Beside-The Press Granulator (65 Series)

Cumberland 6512 Beside-The Press Granulator (65 Series) Granulators Cumberland
Cumberland 6512 Beside-The Press Granulator (65 Series)

Cumberland 6512 Beside-The Press Granulator (65 Series)

SKU: NDS6512

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Vendor:   Cumberland
SKU:   NDS6512
ISBN:   9358476089243
Availability: In stock

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Features of the Cumberland 6512 Beside-The Press Granulator (65 Series)

  • Multi-feed hopper suitable for manual, conveyor or robot loading. Top section is reversible for easier feeding of long runners
  • Innovative flap assembly specifically designed to be removed quickly and easily
  • Bolted and doweled cutting chamber assembly with outboard, sealed-for-life bearings
  • 3-knife, open rotor with scooped wings and slant-cut knives
  • Counter-slanted stationary knives provide true “scissor" cutting action
  • All knives manufactured from D2 HCHC and heat treated using Cumberland’s proprietary process
  • Rotating ends discs for low heat granulation and reduced friction wear
  • High-inertia flywheel with automatic drive belt tension
  • TEFC motor and NEMA Type 12 enclosure
  • Safety interlocks, push buttons, safety labels and monitoring device
  • 3 HP belt drive
Efficient and versatile granulators for a wide variety of applications, the 65 Series can be used with robot feed, conveyor feed, or hand feed operations. 65 Series granulators provide maximum cutting efficiency with their low speed,

Description of the Cumberland 6512 Beside-The Press Granulator (65 Series)

The mid-range model Cumberland 6512 Beside-The Press Granulator offers a 6.5" x 12" cutting chamber that relies on a 6.5" cutting circle, 3 D2 HCHC rotor knives, and two D2 HCHC bed knives (double edged for maximum use) to generate up to 200 pounds of throughput in a single hour. It is a "multifeed" unit that has a hopper well suited to any sort of infeed. It can be robot loaded, conveyor loaded, or even handfed with utmost performance and safety. The top of the hopper is reversible to accommodate long belts and runners and the entire assembly can be removed easily for optimized performance. The cutting chamber is designed for performance too and is bolted and doweled. It uses an outboard mount for the bearings in order to eliminate any risks of contamination.

Driven by the 3HP TEFC motor, the Cumberland 6512 granulator uses NEMA Type 12 controls. The simple push button controls and safety interlocks also guarantee maximum uptime and also provide ease of use and complete protection. The rotor delivers true "scissor" action thanks to the scooped wings and counter slanted stationary bed knives that deliver efficient and uniform processing. The flywheel and automatic drive belt tensioning are what allows the Cumberland 6512 Beside-The Press Granulator to process at the guaranteed speeds without suffering from any inertia created by heavy feedstock. The rotating end discs ensure low heat processing too, which keeps the system in top condition.

Though it is a well designed and ideally sized unit for injection mold runners or reject parts, small extruded tubes and profiles, edge trims from sheet extrusion, and small parts, there are still some standard options to consider. For example, motors can be upgraded to 5HP, the discharge can be enhanced with compressed air, and the entire machine can be enclosed for sound management. The rotor and cutting chambers can also be upgraded to the "wear resistant" versions too. As part of a very flexible line of granulators, the Cumberland 6512 Beside-The Press Granulator can be put to use in many settings and applications. It is ideal right out of the box, but can be enhanced if needed for maximum performance.

 Line Drawings & Dimentions Cumberland 6.5 Series Granulators

22.67 (576)) 11.81 (300) 20.86 (530) 21.88 (556) 25.97 (670)

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Max Throughput Up to 150 lbs/hr (40 kg/hr
Feed Opening/Throat Size 6.5" x 8" (165 x 203 mm)
Cutting Chamber 6.5" (165 mm)
Rotor Knives D2 HCHC Heat treated
Screen 3/16"
Base Caster-mounted
Discharge Large capacity vacuum bin
Drive Parts High-inertia flywheel with automatic drive belt tensioning
Model # 6512
Weight 530 lbs (240 kg)
Shipping Weight 530.0000
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