Cumberland 3284 Central Granulator (3200 Series) Granulators Cumberland
Cumberland 3284 Central Granulator (3200 Series) Granulators Cumberland

Cumberland 3284 Central Granulator (3200 Series) Granulators Cumberland
Cumberland 3284 Central Granulator (3200 Series) Granulators Cumberland

Cumberland 3284 Central Granulator (3200 Series)

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Features of the Cumberland 3284 Central Granulator (3000 Series)

  • Hydraulic actuation system for hopper and cradle
  • Slide-out pivoting discharge chute assembly
  • Replaceable rotor-knife seats
  • Bearings are close-fit, taper-mounted and adjustable
  • Auto-Lube systems feeds a constant amount of lubricant for automated PM service
3200 Series granulators from Cumberland have been designed with you in mind, covering a wide range of applications including heavy extruder purgings, blowmolded flashings, thick sheet, pipe, large blow-molded parts (automotive, appliance,

Description of the Cumberland 3284 Central Granulator (3000 Series)

The 3000 Series of granulators from Cumberland are the truly heavy duty performers. Using a central granulator design that optimizes results, these granulators are feature-rich with some of the most useful functions and designs available. The Cumberland 3284 Central Granulator is the largest in the series and features a cutting chamber and infeed throat that is 32" x 84". This massive work area can be accessed through tray, pipe, or sheet infeed. The cutting chamber contains an 18 knife configuration that uses raised bed knives and water cooled wear plates that prevent melting, smearing, and friction that could impair the process. The unit uses a massive 250HP motor that relies on a dual flywheel for added force during moments of inertia created by heavy loads. The throughput rate of 12k pounds per hour is discharged via the front or rear systems or on a conveyor. This means that everything from the heaviest extruder scrap or purgings, the thickest sheet scraps, the blow molded part rejects, films of all kinds, and even heavy post-consumer waste products can be managed by the Cumberland 3284 Central Granulator. Of course, no system is good for your processing needs if it experiences chronic downtime or maintenance and repair.

The Cumberland 3284 Central Granulator uses a hydraulic actuation system on the hopper and cradle that delivers immediate access to the interior of the unit. This makes cleaning, replacement or adjustment simple, fast, and super-efficient. Additionally, there is a programmable service cycle and automatic lubrication features that make it possible to run this machine on a continuous basis - no matter the demands. There is not a lot of downtime with this system, which means that operations can continue at a predictable and guaranteed pace.

The unit can be enhanced with some features and upgrades, including a twin high shear rotor that has five knives and an open design. The motor can be upgraded to a 400HP model and the cutting chamber can be equipped with wear resistant features. The rotor can also be swapped out for a model with adjustable settings as well. When truly heavy duty processing is required and when low maintenance or repair time is necessary, the Cumberland 3284 Central Granulator can really deliver. It has been especially designed to handle some of the most difficult materials, and all without serious challenges or interruptions.


  • Wear-resistant package
  • Simplified access for service and maintenance
  • Clean-out is quick and easy, saving valuable time
  • Reduces downtime and simplifies maintenance,saving you money
  • Precise control for tight-tolerance applications, critical for high-capacity bulk film
  • Programmable service cycle ensures proper lubrication of bearings—no worry
  • Adjustable rotor knives with setting fixture

Line Drawings & Dimentions for Cumberland 3200 Series Granulators

122 1/2 (3111.5 mm)42 1/8 (1070.0 mm)44 3/8 (1127.1 mm)161 1/8 (4092.6 mm)

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Max Throughput 13,000 lbs./hr. (5400 kg)
Feed Opening/Throat Size 32" x 84" (813 x 2134 mm)
Cutting Chamber 2-bed knife
Rotor 3-knife offset
Rotor Knives HCHC, 55 °, S/A
Screen 3/8" dia. non-heat-treated
Base Low-profile
Discharge 12" Airveyor chute (models 3242 and 3263) 14" Airveyor chute (model 3284)
Drive Parts V-belt
Accessories Blower, separator, common stand, conveyor
Model # 3284
Weight 50,000 lbs. (22679 kg)
Shipping Weight 50.0 lbs.


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