Cumberland 30T Granulator (T- Series) (Discontinued)

Cumberland 30T Granulator (T- Series) (Discontinued)

Basic Specs of the Cumberland T Series Granulators

  • Shred Size: 8"(203mm)
  • Throat Width: 8" x 30" (203 x 762 mm)
  • Capacity: Up to 1000 lbs/hr
  • Power: 230V/460V
  • Shipping Wt: 2300lbs
  • Dimensions: A: 30"; B: 33 3/4"
  • Phase:3

Features of the Cumberland T Series Granulators

  • In-feed design enables the processing of flat thermoforming skeleton and/or formed parts.
  • Infeed assembly pivots open via gas springs for fast efficientaccess.
  • Cutting chamber is machined and bolted for additional ease ofcleaning.
  • The screen and cradle's pivoting drop down design allows fast,convenient removal.
  • Cumberland-manufactured, heat treated steel knives reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

The T Series Granulators are compact granulators for inline processing of thermoformed scrap, including formed parts in the web with optional paddle rolls.

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Description of the Cumberland 30T Granulator

Offered to you by a leader in the size reduction industry, the Cumberland 30T Granulator is part of their T-Series line of flexible and compact granulators. Designed to function as part of your thermoforming process, the T-Series granulators are an ideal solution for those who need optimal function with further options for customization. The Cumberland 30T is capable of managing thermoformed scrap, whether it includes formed parts or just the remaining skeletal sheets after cutting is complete. The T-Series granulators can be positioned under or in front of the trim process, and use the standard feed rolls or the optional paddle rolls and horizontal infeed hopper to take up the material. The cutting chamber and the bed and rotor knives can manage polystyrene, high impact polystyrene, ABS, PET, HDPE and CPET. With HCHC (high carbon high chromium) knives in the bed and rotor (set at a combination with keen above and two-edge reversible below), and a 5 HP motor, this is an efficient and consistent granulator.

The knives are manufactured by Cumberland of HCHC (D-2) steel. This is specially treated and processed steel that ensures the longest life possible. Not only do the blades ensure safety and durability, but will also reduce maintenance and replacement costs. The rotor design is a three-knife chevron that is contained in the 8"x30" cutting chamber. These are made from solid steel and use bolted and doweled endplates to deliver maximum strength. No castings are put to use, and this is entirely to guarantee the quality and durability of the parts and the entire unit. The cutting chamber is also machined and bolted for easy access and cleaning. The infeed assembly opens via gas springs as well, and even the screen and cradle areas can pivot easily to drop down and provide for fast, safe, removal. The screen is reversible for optimal use, long life, and reduced operating costs. It has 5/16" openings and is designed to function as a two-piece unit. There are options for 1/4", 3/8" and other larger sizes. The Cumberland 30T is capable of handling from eight hundred to one thousand pounds per hour, and can allow motor upgrades of 7 1/2 HP or 10 HP if more power is necessary. It uses a 6" Airveyor discharge and can be equipped with several Cumberland accessories such as their #6 blower, #8 Separator, and their #8 Stand, Machine Sound Enclosure. If you are looking for a low noise, rapid ingestion, and smooth granulator - the Cumberland 30T is a good place to start.

Line Drawings Cumberland 30T Granulator

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Max Throughput 800-1000 lbs./hr.
Feed Opening/Throat Size 8"x30"
Cutting Chamber 2-Bed Knives, Drop Down Cradle
Rotor 2-Knife Chevron, Open 3-knife Slant Cut
Rotor Knives HCHC, Keen Edge
Screen 5/16", 2-piece reversible,
Base Low Profile Caster
Discharge 6" Airveyor
Drive Parts V-belt
Horsepower 5 HP
Model # 30T
Weight 2300 lbs
Voltage 120v /230v /460v
Shipping Weight 2300.0000