Cumberland 3045TF Large Tangential Granulator (Large Tangential Series

Cumberland 3045TF Large Tangential Granulator (Large Tangential Series)

Features of Large Tangential Granulators
  • Tangential feed cutting chamber
  • Large diameter cutting circle (20" on the 2045TF and 30" on the 3030/3045 Series) for positive ingestion of “bulky" feedstock
  • Integral full machine sound enclosures
  • Front access doors with safety interlocks
  • External mounted “pillow block" style bearings to eliminate grease contamination to material or material contamination to bearings
  • Multiple rotor styles: 3 and 5 blade available on 2045TF, 5 and 7 blade available on the  3030/3045 Series
  • Keen edge rotor to minimize dust and “angel hair" generation
  • Drop down screen cradle
  • Dual sheave
  • Reversible bed sheaves
  • Airveyor discharge

Sterling's Large Tangential Series granulators feature heavy-duty construction, including an easy access base, which creates a stronger design with easy clean out and servicing.

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Description of the Cumberland 3045TF Large Tangential Granulator

The upright nature of tangential granulators guarantees that they have a lot of power, but the Large Tangential Series granulators from Cumberland are truly meant to provide heavy duty service and ease of use. The Cumberland 3045TF Large Tangential Granulator is the largest in the series and has a massive 30" x 45" cutting chamber. It uses a large 30" cutting circle and relies on a powerful motor to maintain pace even when encountering heavier feedstock. The dual flywheels are in place to eliminate inertia and the rotors are equipped with multiple blades to keep things running smoothly.The rotors in the Cumberland 3045TF Large Tangential Granulators will feature five or seven blades and will integrate with the dual sheaves in the reversible beds. The rotors utilize keen edge blades as well to eliminate the dust and debris that some systems can create. The Cumberland 3045TF Large Tangential Granulator has externally mounted pillow block bearings that prevent any sort of cross contamination (grease into granulates or dust into the bearings), and this ensures that upkeep and maintenance are minimal requirements too. Even when upkeep is necessary, the accessibility of the base provides safety and simplicity.

Built on a heavy duty framework, the base has side and front panels that use safety interlocks to prevent injury or harm when providing maintenance or simply cleaning out the unit. The screen is accessed after using a mechanical screw jack to lower the cradle so that safety is maintained at all times. The Cumberland 3045TF Large Tangential Granulator is operated via a 100 to 150HP motor depending upon the owner's requirements and the waste is discharged via the standard Airveyor system. Even with so many fine features, this machine can be upgraded with an enhanced dust removal system, conveyors with amperage feedback, multiple blade rotors, and a customized hopper. Though large and heavy duty, it can be customized as needed in order to get the best results. This unit has a 2800lb per hour throughput, and is certainly meant to be put to use on a consistent or continuous basis.If your manufacturing process requires a reliable, heavy duty granulator, the tangential system is always a good idea. The Cumberland 3045TF Large Tangential Granulator integrates the finest technologies and features to ensure that optimal results occur and that safety and ease of use are all part of the experience too.


 Line Drawings Cumberland Large Tangential Series Granulators

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Max Throughput 2800 lbs/hr (1270kg/hr)
Cutting Chamber 30" x 45" (762mm x 1143mm)
Rotor 3 & 5 blade available on 2045TF, 5 & 7 available on 3030/3045 series
Screen Drop down screen cradle
Discharge Airveyor
Model # 3045TF
Weight 8220 lbs (3729kg)
Warranty N/A
Shipping Weight 8220.0000
Shipping Height N/A
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