Cumberland 3030TF Large Tangential Granulator (Large Tangential Series

Cumberland 3030TF Large Tangential Granulator (Large Tangential Series) (Discontinued)

Features of large Tangential Series Granulators

  • Tangential feed cutting chamber
  • Large diameter cutting circle (20" on the 2045TF and 30" on the 3030/3045 Series) for positive ingestion of “bulky" feedstock
  • Integral full machine sound enclosures
  • Front access doors with safety interlocks
  • External mounted “pillow block" style bearings to eliminate grease contamination to material or material contamination to bearings
  • Multiple rotor styles: 3 and 5 blade available on 2045TF, 5 and 7 blade available on the  3030/3045 Series
  • Keen edge rotor to minimize dust and “angel hair" generation
  • Drop down screen cradle
  • Dual sheave
  • Reversible bed sheaves
  • Airveyor discharge

Sterling's Large Tangential Series granulators feature heavy-duty construction, including an easy access base, which creates a stronger design with easy clean out and servicing.


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Description of the Cumberland 3030TF Large Tangential Granulator

Tangential granulators are powerful and often considered heavy duty gear. The Cumberland 3030TF Large Tangential Granulator is the mid-range model in their powerful and heavy duty Large Tangential Series of granulators. It features a large 30" x 30" cutting chamber and a surprisingly large 30" cutting circle. This enables it to not only process materials at an impressive rate, but to do so in a consistent manner no matter how bulky the materials might be. The tangential design means that the unit stands at around 96" in height and rests atop a very durable and heavy duty base. This series has been designed for ease of use. The base has access panels to guarantee safe and easy clean out and maintenance. The front access has safety interlocks and the screen can be reached by using a mechanical screw jack to lower the cradle. There is a side cleanout as well and this too is fitted with a safety interlock.

The Cumberland 3030TF Large Tangential Granulator can feature a five or seven blade rotor that is operated by the external mounted pillow block motor. The motors vary in power from 50HP to 150HP depending upon owner preference and the design ensures that the bearings cannot contaminate granulates with grease, nor can the processing clog the motor with dust or particulates. The rotors themselves are fit with keen edge blades that will eliminate a great deal of the usual dust or "angel hair" that feedstock generate and the reversible bed sheaves also guarantee optimal processing. The dual flywheels on this unit prevent slowdown during heavy duty cutting too.

Materials are discharged via the Airveyor after passing through the screen in its drop down cradle. The typical throughput for the Cumberland 3030TF Large Tangential Granulator is roughly 2400 pounds per hour and maintenance can be done on the fly thanks to the base access panels and safety interlocks. There are many options available on this unit as well, including multiple blade rotors, a unique dust removal system, and a customized hopper. It is a model meant to answer many needs and to provide many years of heavy duty service. It is not a high maintenance unit, and even cleanouts are simplified by the various panels and equipment design. This is a good choice for any process that handles heavy or alternating types of feedstock, and will tackle many challenges.


 Line Drawings Cumberland Large Tangential Series Granulators

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Max Throughput 2800 lbs/hr (1270kg/hr)
Cutting Chamber 30" x 45" (762mm x 1143mm)
Rotor 3 & 5 blade available on 2045TF, 5 & 7 available on 3030/3045 series
Screen Drop down screen cradle
Discharge Airveyor
Model # 3045TF
Weight 8220 lbs (3729kg)
Warranty N/A
Shipping Weight 8220.0000
Shipping Height N/A