Cumberland 1640X Beside-The-Press (1600X Series) Granulator

Cumberland 1640X Beside-The-Press (1600X Series) Granulator

Features of the Cumberland 1640X Beside-The-Press (1600X Series) Granulator

  • Pivoting hopper, drop-down removable screen cradle and machined, bolted cutting chamber simplifies cleaning and maintenance
  • Low-profile, sound-attenuated in-feed systems for rotor hand or conveyor feed applications
  • D2 knives manufactured in-house utilizing  Cumberland’s proprietary process for heat treating ensures durability and long life
  • Over-sized solid flywheel
  • Cutting Circle Diameter: 16.54" (420.1mm)

1600X Premier Series from Cumberland: these granulators have a wide range of capabilities handling all sorts of demanding injection molding, blow molding, and extrusion requirements.

SKU: NDS1640X ISBN: 9358476060358
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Description of the Cumberland 1640X Beside-The-Press (1600X Series) Granulator

In the Cumberland 1600 Series of granulators, the Cumberland 1640X Beside-The-Press Granulator is the largest model. It has a massive 40" infeed throat that sends an array of different blow or molding and extrusion materials into the cutting chamber. The rotor has a three knife and open scooped design, and the 30HP TEFC motor is supported by a solid and oversized flywheel. This means optimum results, producing uniform particles - no matter the challenges or the infeed application. The low profile of the Cumberland 1640X Beside-The-Press Granulator is a perfect match to the numerous ways that materials can be fed to the machine. The pivoting hopper can be conveyor, robot, or hand fed and the system has a throughput rate of roughly 1800 pounds per hour. Materials are ejected through the 8" Airveyor (but some evacuation upgrades are also available). The Cumberland 1640X Beside-The-Press Granulator is meant for durability and long use. The drop down removable screen cradle makes sure that upkeep and cleaning are safe and easy. The bolted, machined, and doweled chamber also makes it remarkably easy to keep the entire unit in top condition. Of course, this is accompanied by full safety interlocks on the NEMA Type 12 controls. Simple start and stop buttons guarantee that optimal safety is always the order of the day. The long life of the machine is also supported by the double sealed bearings that prevent contamination, the rotating end discs that keep things cool and reduce risks of friction, and the rotating end discs that also eliminate unnecessary wear. Though it can be a stationary unit, it may also be equipped with casters, making it an incredibly flexible unit. The totally enclosed design of this granulator and the sound attenuating technologies in the hopper area also make this a flexible option.

The other upgrades available to the Cumberland 1640X Beside-The-Press Granulator include a 40HP TEFC motor, an evacuation system, infeed devices such as feed and sheet rolls, a caster mounted base, a five knife rotor, D2 components for wear resistance, a vacuum take off on the discharge, or a pneumatic discharge. Clearly, the Cumberland 1640X Beside-The-Press Granulator is designed to deliver performance, but also in a convenient and easy to manage size. The unit is quiet and effective and will be able to handle a diversity of challenges without suffering wear that such demands might normally cause, and that makes it a good solid solution for many settings.


  • Motor: 25, 30 or 40 HP TEFC motors
  • Infeed: Sheet/profile/pipe/feed rolls
  • Rotor: 3 and 5 knife, 5 knife slant shear with knife carriers
  • Discharge: 1.25", 1.5", 2" or 2.5" vacuum take-off, 4" or 5" pneumatic, bin discharge available on model 1620 only
  • Knives: D2 components and wear-resistant package
  • Base: Caster-mounted
  • Evacuation system

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Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Max Throughput 1800 lbs/hr (818 kgs/hr)
Cutting Chamber 16x40" (406mm x 1016 mm)
Rotor 3 knife open scooped with rotating end discs
Rotor Knives 3 (HCHC)
Base Adjustable motor base; caster-mounted optional
Discharge 8" (203mm) pneumatic; 1.25", 1.5", 2", or 2.5" vacuum takeoff optional
Drive Parts V-belt
Manufacturer Part Number NDS1640X
Model # 1640X
Weight 4000 lbs. (1818 kg)
Warranty N/A
Shipping Weight 4000.0000
Shipping Height N/A
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